[tahoe-dev] Why no error message when I have only one storage node?

gc20090728 at metcarob.com gc20090728 at metcarob.com
Sun Aug 2 09:57:18 PDT 2009

I have set up a grid with one intorducer node and one storage node. I took
my browser to the 3456 port as the instructions say and I was surprised when
I was able to sucessfully upload a file.
As I understand it tahoe will split the file into 10 parts and save each
part on a diffrent server. This would mean that if a server crashes you
still can get the file. I was expecting to have an error message saying that
the grid wasn't big enough to reliably save the file. Instead all the parts
of the file have been saved on the same server. Why isn't the error message
Robert Metcalf
robert at metcarob.com
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