[tahoe-dev] Deleting a zero-length filename?

Kyle Markley kyle at arbyte.us
Fri Dec 18 22:50:54 PST 2009

I have somehow managed to create a file with a zero-length filename.  From
tahoe ls --json of its parent:

  "children": {
   "": [               <--- eeek, no name!
     "mutable": true, 
     "verify_uri": "xxx", 
     "rw_uri": "yyy", 
     "ro_uri": "zzz", 
     "metadata": {
      "ctime": 1261027599.9070079, 
      "tahoe": {
       "linkmotime": 1261027599.9070079, 
       "linkcrtime": 1261027599.9070079
      "mtime": 1261027599.9070079

I would like to delete this directory, but I can't figure out any cli
syntax that would let me do it.  When I try to remove it from the web, I
get an error.  Help?  :)

Kyle Markley

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