[tahoe-dev] Missing timeouts?

Kyle Markley kyle at arbyte.us
Tue Dec 29 13:48:11 PST 2009


> This is a bug!  I think it is probably #873.  Please help us figure  
> out what is going on.  In Tahoe-LAFS client (or "gateway") node's  
> base directory there is a "logs" directory which contains an  
> "incidents" subdirectory.  Please attach the entire contents of those  
> two directories to ticket #873.  Also from the status messages that


> you posted I suspect that one of your storage servers is down,  
> disconnected, or unresponsive.  Could you please look at the list of  
> connected servers (on the welcome page) and investigate your storage  
> servers and see if one of them is broken?  They each also have a  
> "logs" directory which might contain clues.

My welcome page says "Connected to 89  of 105 known storage servers" but I
don't know how to figure out which servers the hung operations are trying
to contact.  Here are the Storage Index values from the status pages, if
they're worth anything:
  twfhdmkbsoidlnf3zijrcut7jm (hung incremental backup)
  dt5jrwb3ck2yt3tp7etuw6aply (hung backup of a large file; I can see
sharemap 8 is missing)

(I'm on the allmydata.com production grid.)

Kyle Markley

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