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Tue Feb 3 15:33:39 PST 2009

#217: DSA-based mutable files -- small URLs, fast file creation
 Reporter:  zooko           |           Owner:  zooko     
     Type:  enhancement     |          Status:  assigned  
 Priority:  major           |       Milestone:  eventually
Component:  code-mutable    |         Version:  0.7.0     
 Keywords:  mutable crypto  |   Launchpad_bug:            

Comment(by zooko):

 The next step on this ticket is to write up a proof of security of the
 scheme.  George Danezis and Ian Goldberg's recent work on {{{"Sphinx"}}}
 might be a good model to follow, as they used a nearly identical
 construction to achieve rather different security properties :-)
 http://eprint.iacr.org/2008/475.pdf Loosely speaking, {{{Sphinx}}} is
 about encrypting where {{{semi-private keys}}} is about signing.  I think.

 Also perhaps vaguely relevant is Dan Brown's recent publication on "The
 One-Up Problem in (EC)DSA" http://eprint.iacr.org/2008/286.ps .

 I would be extremely grateful if a real cryptographer who has experience
 writing such papers were to volunteer to help.

 However, I've resolved to stop being a scaredy-cat about it and just do my
 best.  It really shouldn't be ''that'' hard to do.

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