[tahoe-dev] Announcing tahoewapi.js Javascript interface.

Nathan nejucomo at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 09:55:39 PST 2009

Announcing: tahoewapi.js


tahoewapi.js is a Javascript library which wraps the Tahoe-LAFS [1]
webapi in a thin, object-oriented, asynchronous abstraction.

This simplifies the task of creating "Gridapps", web applications which
are deployed on a Tahoe-LAFS grid rather than a web server.


This project is released solely through the Tahoe-LAFS test grid, and
is retrievable through this Cap (please see Linkage Issue below before
using these links):


This public URL retrieves that directory:


The top-level README.html [3] provides a thorough introduction with
links to the API and security considerations.  (See Linkage Issues below.)

Linkage Issue:

NOTE: You cannot successfully view any html for this project by
following a link to an html file in a directory view in the current
version of Tahoe.

Instead, you must manually append the filename to the "/uri/$DIRCAP" url.

I discovered this moments ago, but in the interest of release-early/often
I'm releasing this anyway.  I intend to fix this issue ASAP.

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