[tahoe-dev] RelatedProjects

Terrell Russell terrellrussell at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 13:36:45 PST 2009

On 2/11/09 12:20 PM, Nathan wrote:
>>>> contrib/fuse -- three different FUSE implementations by three
>>>> different authors
>>> Of which one is above mentioned blackmatch.
>> Whoops -- then what are all those things in the "mac/" subdirectory
>> with "fuse" in their name?  Is blackmatch copied into two locations
>> in the current source tree?
> I would like to see a single fuse implementation become "blessed"
> as official.  Why?  So that most users test the same one, and so that
> it receives automated test scrutiny.
> Does anyone else like this idea?

Hear, Hear.  One blessed implementation, at least.  We can add others 
later with more/different properties, but I'd like one to become tested 
and pulled into the main release as 'supported' - perhaps the simplest, 
dumbest, first?

I am very interested in trying to build some other tools on top of 
Tahoe, and I need FUSE to provide the basis.

I'm on a mac, and just yesterday, couldn't get any of the 
implementations in /contrib/ to 'go'.


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