[tahoe-dev] Centralized Introducer

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Thu Feb 26 10:46:54 PST 2009

On Feb 26, 2009, at 11:32 AM, Brian Warner wrote:

> "Mahmoud Morshedy" <mahmoud.morshedy at gmail.com> wrote:
>> When introducer is down , the servers still see each other , but I  
>> cannot either download or upload file .

> Hm, losing the introducer shouldn't affect your ability to upload/ 
> download files using servers that you were already aware of before  
> the introducer went down.

That's right, and there is a test in test_introducer.py [1] making  
sure that clients are still connected to each other after the  
introducer is stopped.

So, if your experience is inconsistent with this then please let us  



[1] http://allmydata.org/trac/tahoe/browser/src/allmydata/test/ 

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