[tahoe-dev] v1.5 here we come!

Andrej Falout andrej at falout.org
Thu Jun 11 18:02:18 PDT 2009

Hi Zooko,

I am completing the 5000-line bash script that provides easy(er) to use
interface for end users and enables some additional functionality like
parallel backups and progress/bandwidth monitoring. Here is output of

 obackup - Online Backup utility script
    obackup.sh option [...option...]
               <node> = org com vol

 [tstart|tstop]=<node> - Start or stop Tahoe client and [un]mount Fuse FS
 t[m|u]ount=<node>     - Mount/unmount Tahoe FUSE mounted FS
 tinit                 - Initialize >>NEW<< Tahoe node
 shutdown              - Stop all Tahoe processes, including client, backup
                         operations etc
 stop-backup-traffic   - Same as shutdown, but keep them stopped

 tbackup=<node>:path   - Tahoe backup using 'cp' command
 tball=<node>[:path]   - Backup using 'tahoe backup' all predefined or given
                         or the <path>
 tbparallel=<node>     - Backup all predefined location in parallel
 tbstop                - Stop all 'tahoe backup' actions running
 tbstop-one[=logfile|dir] - Stop one running 'tahoe backup' processes
 watchdog=<node>       - If no backups are running, invoke 'tbparallel'

 trestore=<node>       - Restore files by copying from Tahoe virtual drive
                         to local file system

Tahoe INFO:
 tstatus               - Show running Tahoe clients
 tls=<node>:<path>     - List Tahoe virtual drive directory
 t[b|r]prog[res]       - Show progress of last backup/restore operation
 ntop-history[=domain[:x]] - Show bandwidth use history for domain
                          x=lines or 'xh' or 'xm' for hours/minutes
 check-unexpected      - Traverse defined backup locations and show info

Misc options:
 ntop-save             - Save snapshot of bandwidth use from ntop
 ntop-reset            - resetNtopStats
 backup-nodedir=<node> - Backup Tahoe node dir to Dropbox
 webopen=<node>        - Open default Tahoe alias in web browser
 shutdown              - Stop all Tahoe and related precesses
 trepair               - Initiate Tahoe repair processes
 fname-len=<path>      - Check for filenames/paths that exceed 256 chars
 empty-dir=<path>      - Check for dirs with no files in them
 tinstall              - Download and install Tahoe, patch for Unicode

Tahoe using Duplicity front-end:
 tdbackup=<node>       - Backup predefined locations to <node>
 tdrestore=<node>      - Restore predefined locations from <node>

Tahoe under Wine:
 wtstart               - Start all Tahoe Windows services
 wtstop                - Stop all Tahoe Windows services
 wtrestart             - Restart all Tahoe Windows services
 wtstatus              - Show status of Windos services
 wtrun                 - Start the taskbar icon

Script options :
 force                 - Do not exit on errors, continue
 verbose               - Be verbose
 debug                 - Turn on debugging messages
 nowarn                - Do not show warnings
 func=x                - Invoke function x directly
 fail-reasons          - Scan log files for re-occurring backup errors

However, the scrip does not work at all at the moment, because of reported
stdout/stderr issue (See my previous email)

Andrej Falout

On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 8:35 AM, Zooko O'Whielacronx <zookog at gmail.com>wrote:

> Oh and one more thing!  I like to mention Related Projects in Tahoe
> release announcements, so if you are working on a Related Project (it
> doesn't have to be complete -- as long as it is at least as complete
> as the FUSE implementations or Shawn's GridBackup ;-)), please write
> to us right away and describe your Related Project so that we can work
> it into the release announcement!
> Regards,
> Zooko
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