[tahoe-dev] Tahoe-LAFS client for jailbroken iPhone

Marco Bonetti marco.bonetti at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 12:53:08 PST 2010

Hello all,
I'm Marco Bonetti, I discovered this project some times ago while
taking a look around Twitter and, well, it hook me up since day one
:-) I've managed to package this program for Slackware: the build
script has already been submitted to SlackBuilds.org (a third party
Slackware packaging community) and it's currently waiting for approval
and release.
Right now I'm focused on the iPhone client: it's extremely cool to
have one, unfortunately (unless I'm missing something really obvious)
looks like you're distributing it as Xcode source only.
This is somehow limiting for the distribution of the program: if I'd
want to run it on my phone I'd have to build it on a Mac and spend
something like $99 yearly to be able to install the binaries on a
provisioned phone. So I tried to build it using the open source
toolchain on Linux for jailbroken iPhones and... well, let's just say
I can build it ;-)
I come up with the attached Makefile but I have very limited code and
makefiles writing skills, if someone will help me with the code
building process we can probably adapt the Xcode project to be built
with open toolchains too.
Usage is not immediate: once you have a working open toolchain, darcs
get the sources, then you have to copy the Makefile and the small bash
script launcher in the AllMyData folder. At this point a "make bundle"
will start the building process, with lots of problems so far:
+ looks like my toolchain doesn't like C99 style definitions in the
for loops, it's just a matter of moving the "int i = 0;" out of the
loop. Really annoying though and, probably, a problem on my side as
it's supposed to be supported in the official toolchain
+ I get a LOTS of warning about methods which couldn't be recognized,
this is usually a problem which arise when you're not correctly
including all the needed headers and framework, I read the project
plist fle to get them, but I'm probably missing something
+ I'm copying *.png and *.xib inside the main application folder but I
should probably create a subfloder, who knows? :D
+ you've to link (or move) main.m inside Classes/, this is all for my
suckiness at writing Makefiles
+ it would be nice to have binaries and bundle built in build/ and not
in the sources root, same reason as above ;-)
So, what are the results? Well, I can build the application somehow
and I can deploy it on jailbroken but, upon start, I can only see the
phone background. I think that the binary either fails to load needed
xibs (misplaced?) or the functions used are not the right one (the
warnings generated during compilation).

By the way, another option for providing binaries should be that of
building the application bundle with Xcode, signing the binary with
ldid and zipping everything up. But I don't know if this will get the
iphone client developer in troubles with Apple and their sdk

Anyway, thanks for this great program people, I'll greatly appreciate
any help on this topic as I think having iPhone binaries would be


Marco Bonetti
Tor research and other stuff: http://sid77.slackware.it/
Slackintosh Linux Project Developer: http://workaround.ch/
Linux-live for powerpc: http://workaround.ch/pub/rsync/mb/linux-live/

My GnuPG key id: 0x0B60BC5F
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