[tahoe-dev] Benchmarks - 1.7.1 vs. 1.8.0c3

Zooko O'Whielacronx zooko at zooko.com
Mon Sep 6 06:23:20 UTC 2010

On Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 1:05 AM, Kyle Markley <kyle at arbyte.us> wrote:
> What did surprise me was how much slower download is than upload.

Intriguing! It looks like upload typically took about 150 seconds and
download took at least 850! Upload has pipelining [1] and download
doesn't [2]. I wonder if that could account for *all* of that large

This is issue #1110. It would probably make an excellent first hack
for a new Tahoe-LAFS coder in the v1.9 timeframe. :-)



[1] http://tahoe-lafs.org/trac/tahoe-lafs/browser/trunk/src/allmydata/immutable/layout.py?rev=4655#L118
[2] http://tahoe-lafs.org/trac/tahoe-lafs/browser/trunk/src/allmydata/immutable/downloader/share.py?rev=4707#L181

http://tahoe-lafs.org/trac/tahoe-lafs/ticket/1110# pipeline download
blocks for better performance

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