[tahoe-dev] Running Tahoe LAFS introducer?

Brandon Meskimen brandon.meskimen at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 06:46:59 PDT 2011

I'm a little confused on the directions to run Tahoe LAFS.

To construct a client node, run "tahoe create-client", which will create
~/.tahoe to be the node's base directory. Acquire a copy of the
introducer.furlfrom the introducer and put it into this directory, then use
"tahoe run". After that, the node should be off and running. The first thing
it will do is connect to the introducer and get itself connected to all
other nodes on the grid. By default, "tahoe create-client" creates a
client-only node, that does not offer its disk space to other nodes. To
configure other behavior, use "tahoe create-node" or see

This is fine.

To construct an introducer, create a new base directory for it (the name of
the directory is up to you), cd into it, and run "tahoe create-introducer .".
Now run the introducer using "tahoe start .". It only created tahoe.cfg and
tahoe-introducer.tac. I dont see a introducer.furl. And how do you run the
introducer with tahoe start?

After it starts, it will write a file named introducer.furl in that base
directory. This file contains the URL the other nodes must use in order to
connect to this introducer. (Note that "tahoe run ." doesn't work for
introducers, this is a known issue:
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