[tahoe-dev] buildslave operators: need to reconfigure your slaves

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Wed Nov 2 00:49:24 UTC 2011

As the last step of the migration to new tahoe-lafs.org servers, we
finally shut down the old boxes. Unfortunately, I forgot that most of
our buildslaves are connecting through the old address (via a TCP
relay), and now they've gone offline.

If you run a Tahoe buildslave, could you please edit your buildbot.tac
and modify the "buildmaster_host=" setting to use
"buildmaster.tahoe-lafs.org", then run "buildbot restart DIR" to bounce
your buildslave?

The slaves that fell offline are:

 Eugen lenny-amd64 ""
 lucid-amd64 "fieldcircus"
 Ruben Fedora "buildbot.rubenkerkhof.com"
 Arthur lenny c7 32bit
 Randy FreeBSD-amd64 "freebsd.psg"
 Kyle OpenBSD amd64 "starfish"
 MM netbsd5 i386 "warp"
 Francois lenny "francois-ts109-armv5tel"

thanks everyone!

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