[tahoe-dev] weekly dev chat report for 2013-06-20

Daira Hopwood (formerly David-Sarah) daira at jacaranda.org
Thu Jun 20 20:01:35 UTC 2013

In attendance: Daira (scribe), Mark Berger, Nathan, Oleksandr Drach

The main topic was Mark's new implementation of immutable share placement

We ran tests on Mark's branch and looked briefly at one of the failures,
and the code structure. Mark explained a limitation of the current
implementation, that the encoder (Encoder._remove_shareholder in
immutable/encode.py) could not tell the PeerSelector about errors that
should cause a peer to be marked as bad. We decided how to fix this, and
Mark started implementing the fix. Daira said she would do a close review
of the branch.

Oleksandr also asked about #1976 (SFTP+SSHFS hangs for second concurrent operation).
Nathan speculated that #1976 could be due to serialization of operations on
each mutable file by the gateway. It seems odd that that could produce a delay
as long as 40 seconds.

Daira tried to dump the log attached to #1976
but it appeared not to be completely
readable by flogtool (due to corruption, truncation, or a flogtool bug), even
after adding workarounds to the installed foolscap.

Daira Hopwood ⚥

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