[tahoe-dev] can't upload a file

Pierre Abbat phma at bezitopo.org
Tue May 28 04:14:10 UTC 2013

I tried to copy a file to the public directory and got this:

Error examining target directory: 410 Gone
"NotEnoughSharesError: This indicates that some servers were unavailable, or 
that shares have been lost to server departure, hard drive failure, or disk 
corruption. You should perform a filecheck on this object to learn more.
\x0a\x0aThe full error message is:\x0aran out of peers: have 0 shares (k=3), 2 
queries in flight, need 1 more, found 4 bad shares, last failure: [Failure 
instance: Traceback: <class 'allmydata.mutable.common.CorruptShareError'>: 
<CorruptShareError peerid=ddvfcdns shnum[6]: block hash tree 
packages/twisted/internet/defer.py:545:_runCallbacks\x0a--- <exception caught 

sei do'anai mi'a djuno puze'e noroi nalselganse srera

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