notes from Twice-Weekly Dev Chat, 2014-03-20

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notes from LAFS Weekly Dev Chat 2014-03-20

in attendance: Zooko (scribe), Nathan, Remy (voiceless), Oleksandr
(lurker), Daira

looking for Zooko's #1382 patches…

Nathan is looking at tickets for 1.11.0 release blockers.

#2105 is one of them. It is owned by Remy.

Remy is blocked by the trac anti-spam features. AGAIN. Zooko tweaked
the anti-spam config to let more posts through and block posts less.

Oleksandr is still alive.

Zooko is confused by git histories with different patch-contents
having the same commit-logs as each other, and applied in different
order, on different branches. Also he himself is the author of most of
the conflicting and confusing patches. ☹ Nathan is helping him
untangle the history.

We're wondering what to call the measure formerly named "Happiness
Count", per Remy's review of #2015. We settled on "Happiness Level".

Zooko refactored his branch ¹ for #1382, the refactored version fails
many unit tests, he found and fixed two inadvertent semantic changes
that had been introduced in the refactoring, and also realized that
there was a lot more simplification and refactoring that could go into
it, such as changing a lot of methods of HappinessUpload class into
module-scoped functions instead, and started doing that …

Daira replied to Remy's reviews on the Trac.



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