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add dockerfile for hacking with docker compose file for local environment

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1FROM debian:9
2LABEL maintainer ""
3RUN apt-get update
4RUN DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get -yq upgrade
5RUN DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get -yq install build-essential python-dev libffi-dev libssl-dev python-virtualenv git
6RUN \
7  git clone /root/tahoe-lafs; \
8  cd /root/tahoe-lafs; \
9  virtualenv --python=python2.7 venv; \
10  ./venv/bin/pip install --upgrade setuptools; \
11  ./venv/bin/pip install --editable .; \
12  ./venv/bin/tahoe --version;
13RUN \
14  cd /root; \
15  mkdir /root/.tahoe-client; \
16  mkdir /root/.tahoe-introducer; \
17  mkdir /root/.tahoe-server;
18RUN /root/tahoe-lafs/venv/bin/tahoe create-introducer --location=tcp:introducer:3458 --port=tcp:3458 /root/.tahoe-introducer
19RUN /root/tahoe-lafs/venv/bin/tahoe start /root/.tahoe-introducer
20RUN /root/tahoe-lafs/venv/bin/tahoe create-node --location=tcp:server:3457 --port=tcp:3457 --introducer=$(cat /root/.tahoe-introducer/private/introducer.furl) /root/.tahoe-server
21RUN /root/tahoe-lafs/venv/bin/tahoe create-client --webport=3456 --introducer=$(cat /root/.tahoe-introducer/private/introducer.furl) --basedir=/root/.tahoe-client --shares-needed=1 --shares-happy=1 --shares-total=1
22VOLUME ["/root/.tahoe-client", "/root/.tahoe-server", "/root/.tahoe-introducer"]
23EXPOSE 3456 3457 3458
24ENTRYPOINT ["/root/tahoe-lafs/venv/bin/tahoe"]
25CMD []
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