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Last change on this file was 1fca198, checked in by Brian Warner <warner@…>, at 2016-03-26T19:23:01Z

setup.cfg: remove --find-links

This is only useful when running " install" directly, and is not
consulted when following our recommended "pip install .".
Platform-specific directories of wheels (that we, Tahoe, host ourselves)
are available for some platforms: these are described in
docs/INSTALL.rst and must be provided as a pip argument, not a
setup.cfg/easy_install configuration:

pip install --find-links=

This also removes our involvement with eggs (which, I believe, are
usually downloaded insecurely by easy_install).

  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 171 bytes
2build = update_version build
3sdist = update_version sdist
4install = update_version install
5develop = update_version develop
6bdist_egg = update_version bdist_egg
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