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#1732 consider changes to webapi "Move" API before release somebody enhancement critical 1.9.1 fixed
#1945 WUI regression: Welcome page doesn't display on client-only nodes due to _node_key not being present. warner defect critical 1.10a2 fixed
#443 set ETag on immutable directories, short-circuit on cache hit warner enhancement major 1.0.0 fixed
#860 Hiding introducer and helper furls and other private info reported by a node on its web interface defect major 1.5.0 fixed
#1143 Double Encoding in HTML in File Names in WUI davidsarah defect major 1.7.1 fixed
#1298 WUI cannot handle non-ASCII node nicknames davidsarah defect major 1.8.1 fixed
#1457 WUI: inconsistent naming of 'Recent Uploads and Downloads' and 'Operational Statistics' pages zooko defect normal 1.8.2 fixed
#1579 Patch to Add "Move" Functionality to Web Interface amiller enhancement normal 1.9.1 fixed
#1713 redesigned welcome page davidsarah enhancement normal 1.9.1 fixed
#1735 the banner on the Welcome page saying that a helper is not configured should not be red zooko defect normal 1.9.1 fixed
#1860 expansion of %(uri)s in when_done parameter using Python's % operator is ill-advised David-Sarah Hopwood <david-sarah@…> defect normal 1.9.2 fixed
#1922 Test of html Encoding After GET Fails mk.fg defect normal 1.9.2 fixed
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