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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2222 make a FAQ describing the impact of heartbleed on Tahoe-LAFS marlowe defect critical documentation 1.10.0
#1581 Trac file uploads/attachments failing/corrupted zooko defect normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#1890 submit proposal for restrict-referrer-leakage to the CSP standardizers and implementors davidsarah task normal code-frontend-web 1.9.2

Status: closed (86 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1017 source repository is broken somebody defect supercritical dev-infrastructure n/a
#586 save our old performance data somebody task critical dev-infrastructure 1.2.0
#1019 is 403 Forbidden somebody defect critical website n/a
#1308 don't upload debs built from a branch zooko defect critical dev-infrastructure n/a
#1594 darcs failures due to new SSL certificate somebody defect critical dev-infrastructure n/a
#2762 "UndefinedEnvironmentName" error with setuptools-20.6 defect critical packaging 1.11.0
#30 consider moving to use SSL/TLS somebody task major website n/a
#339 wanted: a trac<->IRC bot vinc456 enhancement major dev-infrastructure 0.8.0
#592 buildbot->IRC bot warner enhancement major dev-infrastructure 1.2.0
#669 free the code! (tahoe-webdrive) secorp defect major unknown 1.3.0
#930 switch from figleaf to zooko defect major dev-infrastructure 1.5.0
#1002 do some renovations on Memory Lane somebody enhancement major website 1.6.0
#1014 provide binary .egg's for pyOpenSSL for all supported platforms and versions of Python nejucomo defect major packaging 1.6.1
#1020 revive the Hack Tahoe-LAFS! Hall of Fame zooko defect major website 1.6.1
#1065 provide binary eggs of PyCrypto for our supported platforms somebody defect major packaging 1.6.1
#1090 don't upload tarballs of branches (only of trunk) zooko defect major dev-infrastructure 1.7β
#1113 write the first edition of the Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News marlowe enhancement major website n/a
#1145 conditionalize upload-debs on branch=trunk zooko defect major dev-infrastructure 1.7.1
#1147 trigger buildbot on push to non-trunk warner enhancement major dev-infrastructure 1.7.1
#1152 trac tickets should not be auto-closed if a 'fixes #....' patch is committed only on a branch somebody defect major dev-infrastructure 1.7.1
#1167 get Ubuntu autobuilds going rockstar enhancement major dev-infrastructure 1.8β
#1216 document our commitment never to add government backdoors somebody defect major documentation 1.8.0
#1218 missing python http_proxy env variable in AdvancedInstall page on the wiki sickness enhancement major website 1.8.0
#1237 we need a python 2.7 buildslave somebody enhancement major dev-infrastructure 1.8.0
#1243 provide binary .egg's of Twisted for all supported platforms and versions of Python nobody defect major unknown 1.8.0
#1245 build binary eggs of zope.interface for all supported platforms somebody defect major packaging 1.8.0
#1247 auto-generate the table of eggs and installers zooko defect major packaging 1.8.0
#1365 'IndexError: list index out of range' during build step on Randy FreeBSD-amd64 somebody defect major packaging 1.8.2
#1397 CI step to run foolscap test suite somebody defect major dev-infrastructure 1.8.2
#1486 decommission deb builders zooko task major dev-infrastructure 1.8.2
#1519 trac: revision log doesn't always see commits somebody defect major dev-infrastructure 1.9.0a1
#1572 migrate to new server zooko task major dev-infrastructure n/a
#1637 compilation errors with pyOpenSSL >= 0.13 on RHEL5 systems (and clones) jcftang defect major packaging 1.9.0
#1644 move to git warner task major dev-infrastructure n/a
#1692 FTP frontend should not be more prominent than SFTP in any of the documentation somebody defect major documentation 1.9.1
#2326 Boulder Hackfest planning zooko task major dev-infrastructure n/a
#2407 Travis-CI gives error when running 'git pull --depth=1000' defect major dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#1677 add buildbot step to run "make code-checks" davidsarah defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.9.1
#1733 remind David-Sarah to post improved security arguments for Rainhill 3 zooko enhancement normal documentation 1.9.1
#1734 set up marlowe's "speed-fiber" buildslave marlowe task normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#1738 post improved security arguments for Rainhill 3 davidsarah enhancement normal documentation n/a
#1810 decide on, document, and automate a flow for reviewing, testing, and merging pull requests task normal dev-infrastructure 1.9.2
#1964 convert trac repos from darcs to git warner task normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#2052 Automate testing of merge requests to streamline review. daira defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2058 trac sqlite db accesses taking a long time warner defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2072 enable Travis-CI for the main Tahoe-LAFS repo warner defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2075 consider deleting unsupported Python 2.6 eggs for Windows defect normal packaging 1.10.0
#2076 is not properly open-sourced and version-controlled defect normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#2078 1.9.2 release didn't have a git branch defect normal packaging 1.9.2
#2083 Move 1819-cloud-merge-opensource branch from LeastAuthority/tahoe-lafs to tahoe-lafs/tahoe-lafs daira task normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2099 bring back tahoebot enhancement normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2102 generate docs with sphinx ambimorph enhancement normal documentation 1.10.0
#2153 The Trac Environment needs to be upgraded. Run "trac-admin /home/trac/projects/pycryptopp upgrade" zooko defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2183 trac.log is 1.5 GB task normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#2269 Unable to build Tahoe-LAFS v1.10.0 on FreeBSD 10 zooko defect normal packaging 1.10.0
#2277 upgrade buildbot to 0.8.9 enhancement normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2284 make a mailing list for buildbot operators daira task normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#2308 Retire or upgrade CentOS 5 buildslaves. defect normal dev-infrastructure unknown
#2310 Refresh the "Supported" vs "All" distinction amongst builders. defect normal dev-infrastructure unknown
#2344 Acquire and configure a dedicated Windows build slave. nejucomo task normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#2357 document in what ways Tahoe-LAFS builds are not currently verifiable daira task normal documentation 1.10.0
#2361 write and deploy a buildbot step that builds and tests the Windows package daira task normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2362 get buildmaster config synced up with the corresponding git repo warner defect normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#2366 set up buildslave to find deprecation warnings task normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2379 pyflakes not installed on "Kyle OpenBSD amd64" buildslave defect normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#2389 try switching from to daira enhancement normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2396 clean and memcheck-32 builders are failing warner defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2413 multiple email notifications for the same patch defect normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#2414 tell ActiveState to fix their download links for ActivePerl to be https daira task normal packaging n/a
#2429 help to package Tahoe-LAFS v1.10.1 for Debian/Ubuntu vu3rdd defect normal packaging 1.10.0
#2457 bring 1.8.3 branch into git/trac daira defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.8.3
#2467 test-desert-island is failing warner defect normal packaging 1.10.1
#2488 add Debian buildslave task normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#2511 failure to submit coverage to warner defect normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#2742 unset daira as default owner of all new tickets task normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.2
#2755 adopt formal code of conduct defect normal documentation 1.10.2
#2765 debian 1.11.0-1 package looks broken without cffi, enum34, pycparser daira defect normal packaging 1.11.0
#1158 Create an "about us" wiki page secorp task minor unknown 1.8β
#1250 trac timeline doesn't like davidsarah somebody defect minor dev-infrastructure n/a
#1251 show-tool-versions always reports stdout and stderr encodings as None; remove these reports davidsarah defect minor dev-infrastructure 1.8.0
#1309 reorder buildbot steps for speed somebody defect minor dev-infrastructure n/a
#1460 trac: add a 'Revision Log' link to the navigation bar zooko enhancement minor dev-infrastructure 1.8.2
#1562 store "line count" buildstep data somewhere, draw graphs somebody task minor dev-infrastructure n/a
#1630 enable ticket deletion (with admin permissions) in trac somebody enhancement minor dev-infrastructure n/a
#1633 trac ticket commenting submits using http, not https somebody defect minor website n/a
#1683 references to non-existing on the use cases page somebody defect minor website n/a

Status: new (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1277 write a tool to copy all mutable shares onto a single or fewer disks davidsarah defect major code 1.8.0
#1452 clarify policy about what versions of dependencies Tahoe-LAFS requires somebody defect major packaging 1.8.2
#1530 automated comparative 'k' performance tests and graphs warner task major dev-infrastructure 1.9.0a1
#2270 Tahoe trac silently fails to add ticket attachments defect major dev-infrastructure n/a
#170 package Tahoe-LAFS for Fedora ruben enhancement normal packaging 0.7.0
#1938 make the existence of the Tahoe-LAFS Software Foundation apparent secor enhancement normal website 1.9.2
#1970 trac commit notifications always show the branch as /trunk defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2049 Decide where "packaging tests" should live. nejucomo task normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2140 'Can't synchronize with repository "(default)"' error on projects that still use darcs defect normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#2261 Linux video how to - doesn't show restore/recovery - no info on Aliases daira defect normal documentation 1.10.0
#2314 automate cross-linking between github pull requests and trac issue tickets. defect normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
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