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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#173 How does tahoe filesystem layer (lafs) handle lots of file-upload tasks? new somebody enhancement major eventually
#437 automatically schedule tests of large files new somebody defect major eventually
#932 benchmark Tahoe-LAFS compared to nosql dbs assigned bibilthaysose enhancement major undecided
#1271 trac: show tooltip of standard keywords on ticket-modify pages new somebody enhancement major undecided
#1406 performance measurement automation and visualization new somebody enhancement major undecided
#1530 automated comparative 'k' performance tests and graphs new warner task major soon
#2270 Tahoe trac silently fails to add ticket attachments new defect major soon
#3673 add discourse to release-checklist new meejah enhancement major Automate Release Process
#1581 Trac file uploads/attachments failing/corrupted assigned zooko defect normal soon
#1691 occasional long delay using trac search function new somebody defect normal undecided
#1934 abolish timezones new defect normal eventually
#1970 trac commit notifications always show the branch as /trunk new defect normal soon
#2049 Decide where "packaging tests" should live. new nejucomo task normal soon
#2054 Track unit test duration for possible regressions new enhancement normal undecided
#2140 'Can't synchronize with repository "(default)"' error on projects that still use darcs new defect normal soon
#2241 exception when trying to attach file to trac ticket new defect normal undecided
#2314 automate cross-linking between github pull requests and trac issue tickets. new defect normal soon
#2421 connect tahoe-lafs repo to Docker Hub new warner defect normal undecided
#2478 back up metadata from github (PRs, commit comments, etc.) new task normal soon
#2717 Trac email anti-blacklisting measures: DKIM new enhancement normal undecided
#2718 Trac ticket update caught as spam by gmail new daira defect normal undecided
#2719 TWN55 caught as spam by gmail new daira defect normal undecided
#2764 publish a new (redirecting) `allmydata-tahoe` to PyPI new task normal soon
#3138 Run the test suite with some concurrency on CircleCI new exarkun defect normal undecided
#3347 Tor integration tests fail on Windows assigned sajith defect normal undecided
#3477 Omit installing vcpython27 on Windows CI new sajith task normal undecided
#3484 The CI Docker image builders are hard to test and are happy to push broken images new defect normal undecided
#3541 CircleCI cannot find context "dockerhub-auth" new defect normal undecided
#3665 Remove docutils pin from tox configuration new sajith defect normal undecided
#3745 Remove vestigial `whitelist_externals` from Tox configuration new defect normal undecided
#3886 It is inconvenient to test code using `async def` using Tahoe's unittest-based testing tools new enhancement normal undecided
#4069 benchmark output improvements new enhancement normal undecided
#4086 Release signatures (not available on PyPI any more) new task normal undecided
#4095 Move off Trac - Initiation new task normal undecided
#198 count TODOs, display per file new warner enhancement minor undecided
#433 mailing list archives are threaded weirdly new zandr defect minor undecided
#1695 #tahoe-lafs IRC logs are not searchable new submusic defect minor undecided
#2943 "tox -e codechecks" should check for docstrings in all new code new enhancement minor undecided
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