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#3540 allmydata.mutable.publish.Publish.publish has unreliably covered bad shares handling code new defect normal undecided
#3543 Common testtools infrastructure swallows Twisted tests on failures new itamarst defect normal Support Python 3
#3548 test_filesystem_with_cli_in_subprocess mutates os.environ a bunch new defect normal undecided
#3556 docs/logging.rst has broken examples in it new defect normal undecided
#3561 allmydata.immutable.offloaded.LocalCiphertextReader claims to implement IEncryptedUploadable but does not implement set_upload_status new defect normal undecided
#3562 IMutableFileVersion.get_servermap is unused and unimplemented new defect normal undecided
#3563 _tub_portlocation tries to detect port 0 configuration but does so incompletely new defect normal undecided
#3570 Multiple developers can sign releases new defect normal undecided
#3573 Some typechecks fail with "Cannot determine consistent method resolution order" new defect normal undecided
#3585 Update notes for contributors new sajith defect normal undecided
#3597 The integration tests mix synchronous and asynchronous code in an unreliable way new defect normal undecided
#3601 CI builds new images for test jobs even when Tahoe's dependencies haven't changed new defect normal undecided
#3614 Consider renaming types_ module new defect normal undecided
#3622 typechecks job is broken on CI for master@HEAD assigned exarkun defect normal undecided
#3641 trac does not convey status of releases or python3 porting status new defect normal Contributor Experience
#3660 Let's do a podcast! new maylee enhancement normal undecided
#3661 Replace the GBS spec references to RFC 7469 with an inline explanation of certificate validation rules new exarkun defect normal non-Foolscap communications
#3672 UnicodeDecodeError in Eliot messages new defect normal Support Python 3
#3678 Port allmydata.test.cli.test_check to Python 3 new itamarst defect normal Support Python 3
#3679 Port more of allmydata.test to Python 3 new itamarst defect normal Support Python 3
#3680 Test release new defect normal Contributor Experience
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