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#3461 Port immutable.checker to Python 3 assigned chadwhitacre task normal
#3467 DRY up future.builtins imports assigned chadwhitacre task normal
#3474 Pick off some easy files to port assigned chadwhitacre task normal
#3487 Port to Python 3 new chadwhitacre task normal
#2118 Lower extension size new daira defect normal
#2120 Change counter value for AES-CTR new daira defect normal
#2240 Backup failed possibly related to network disconnection new daira defect normal
#2274 possible error with cp and spaces in directory names new daira defect normal
#2285 multi backup error new daira defect normal
#2472 encrypted cloud database new daira defect normal
#2718 Trac ticket update caught as spam by gmail new daira defect normal
#2719 TWN55 caught as spam by gmail new daira defect normal
#2724 use humanize library new daira defect normal
#2923 Automate (some of) NEWS generation new daira enhancement normal
#3350 Tahoe should pin its dependencies new daira defect normal
#3352 Give the Tahoe-LAFS Nix package a version for `allmydata.__version__` new daira enhancement normal
#2767 Allow N, K, and H to be specified per command. new dawuud enhancement normal
#3037 Great Black Swamp is missing lease add/renew new exarkun defect normal
#3138 Run the test suite with some concurrency on CircleCI new exarkun defect normal
#3258 The interface for the client-side storage plugin web resource has a one-to-many conflict assigned exarkun defect normal
#3260 Deploy for Tahoe-LAFS and Foolscap new exarkun defect normal
#3441 The "dump-share" tests in allmydata.test.test_system.SystemTests.test_filesystem should be part of a separate test suite new exarkun defect normal
#3445 The runtime information on the "deep check results" page is untested assigned exarkun defect normal
#3489 Add some tests for src/allmydata/test/ new exarkun defect normal
#3244 Switch away from using nevow assigned habnabit task normal
#3402 Port tests/code for remote_get_version (storage-related?) to Python 3 new itamarst defect normal
#3465 Port allmydata.storage_client and tests to Python 3 new itamarst defect normal
#3475 Port more of allmydata.test.mutable to Python 3 new itamarst defect normal
#3476 Create unicode-only-keys and bytes-only-keys dictionaries new itamarst defect normal
#3479 Continue porting to Python 3 new itamarst defect normal
#3398 Add pre-commits with lint checks assigned jaraco enhancement normal
#3412 Many tests are flaky assigned jaraco defect normal
#1939 memory leak (during check --repair --add-lease) new killyourtv defect major
#2119 Don't pre-convert all serverids to ServerTrackers new markberger defect normal
#2730 Added Missing TWN Issues to HTML assigned marlowe task normal
#2785 docs concept: task / things-to-learn / things-to-do new marlowe task normal
#3317 Provide testing infrastructure for clients new meejah enhancement normal
#3400 Cut an incremental release (2020-09) new meejah task normal
#3469 Create 1.15.0 release new meejah defect major
#3478 re-vamp release process documents new meejah defect normal
#3464 Ensure comments match the project's conventions new rpatterson task minor
#3310 immutable.downloader.status.DownloadStatus.get_results() is not implemented new sajith defect normal
#3311 Move table layout to template file in download status page new sajith enhancement normal
#3319 Add tests for web UI directory operations new sajith defect normal
#3347 Tor integration tests fail on Windows assigned sajith defect normal
#3371 Render post-repair corrupt shares in deep-check-and-repair results page new sajith defect normal
#3384 Unpin coverage new sajith defect normal
#3385 Use assigned sajith defect normal
#3390 Drop upper bound for attrs new sajith defect normal
#3418 coverage.el is uploaded to codecov assigned sajith defect normal
#3420 Twisted web Resources should "return ErrorPage" instead of "raise WebError" assigned sajith defect normal
#3477 Omit installing vcpython27 on Windows CI new sajith task normal
#1938 make the existence of the Tahoe-LAFS Software Foundation apparent new secor enhancement normal
#2748 move to Versioneer for git-based version-string generation new warner task normal
#2319 improve Tor usage documentation new defect normal
#2342 Too many open files new defect normal
#2373 adopt pyrsistent new enhancement normal
#2383 CLI option to automatically start and stop a node reopened enhancement normal
#2386 updating unhealthy MDMF files: likely problem new defect normal
#2387 transverse block-hash-trees, plus segment-hash-tree new enhancement normal
#2716 Exception on WUI new defect normal
#2717 Trac email anti-blacklisting measures: DKIM new enhancement normal
#2735 remove "bin/tahoe" and fancy "@" runner support new task normal
#2761 self-update command new enhancement normal
#2764 publish a new (redirecting) `allmydata-tahoe` to PyPI new task normal
#2768 intermittent DirtyReactor failures in test_system.Connections.test_rref new defect minor
#2772 Gmail Classifying TWN Emails as Spam new defect normal
#2777 modernize tests new task minor
#2778 add server-info pages to WUI, link there from upload/download status pages and Welcome page new enhancement normal
#2779 add tests to catch things like tox.ini not being in new defect major
#2782 code reorg: less inheritance, more delegation/composition new task minor
#2786 split uploader/downloader into "txlafs" library new task normal
#2791 Tahoe CLI / SSL certificate new defect normal
#2812 replace Twistd plugins with new `twist` tool new task normal
#2825 rewrite CLI commands to use treq or twisted.web, not httplib new task normal
#2832 Unsigned entries in an announcement cause later entries to be ignored new defect normal
#2839 make statistics of (past) uploads available as JSON new enhancement normal
#2843 tahoe storage over ssh tunnel new defect normal
#2844 readiness status API for clients new defect normal
#2850 ugly (temporary) error message when connecting to new onion server new defect normal
#2851 --listen=tor failure leaves partial directory in place new defect normal
#2852 move NEWS.rst into docs/, add to readthedocs build new task normal
#2855 Last complete cycle not updating new defect normal
#2864 welcome page can't display when introducer connection has problems new defect normal
#2865 optionally re-enable start topology new enhancement normal
#2866 Accounting, lease-db from cloud-backend new enhancement normal
#2867 make the connect timeout configurable for production use-cases new defect normal
#2869 accounting: use twisted.enterprise.adbapi instead of blocking sqlite new defect normal
#2870 async initialization of Client new defect normal
#2871 test_create_long_path fails ... when ... the ... path ... is ... long ... new defect normal
#2874 early reporting of errors to users on the CLI new defect normal
#2890 Directory name and file name should be available in json response data new defect normal
#2891 fix intermittent test coverage new defect normal
#2899 ValueOrderedDict throws IndexError when given equal non-identical keys new defect minor
#2900 Get rid of "tempfile" monkey-patch new defect normal
#2902 double _got_introducer if main_tab isn't started before IntroducerClient added new defect normal
#2905 fail harder if we can't write announcement-seqnum new defect normal
#2914 test_magic_folder timeout on windows new defect normal
#2930 "AUTO" Tub location detection/assignment is silently broken when system tools are missing new defect normal
#2940 cannot start stats gatherer new defect normal
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