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#317 measurements of grid usage for the TestGrid page statistics testgrid reopened somebody enhancement major
#403 grid identifier newcaps newurls gridid new enhancement major
#963 configure default installation of tahoe to point at a working grid install testgrid usability new somebody enhancement major
#1331 --verify option for `tahoe backup` tahoe-backup preservation backupdb gridid verify new nobody defect major
#1447 add read-only mode for gateways readonly gateway security testgrid cloud-backend multiuser-gateway new zooko enhancement major
#3535 Document crypto used in grid-manager grid-manager new task major
#1490 A script for autogenerating local grids. automation grid setup new zancas enhancement normal
#1814 UploadUnhappinessError despite no apparent refusal of shares error servers-of-happiness volunteergrid2 upload new defect normal
#2916 grid-manager accounting, grid-manager new meejah enhancement normal
#3506 Add Welcome page output for grid-manager status grid-manager new enhancement normal
#3507 tahoe add-grid-manager grid-manager new enhancement normal
#3508 grid-manager integration tests grid-manager new defect normal
#3571 Should grid-manager accept only "its" certificates? grid-manager new enhancement normal
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