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#679 /storage emitting exception - lease reporting code leases error crawler assigned davidsarah defect major
#777 Facility to automatically renew leases of root caps leases alias usability preservation repair new enhancement major
#864 Automated migration of shares between storage servers preservation accounting leases anti-censorship new enhancement major
#1003 add-lease may fail to mark a node if the path by which it is reachable changes during marking leases gc preservation usability docs new somebody defect major
#1300 turn on garbage collection by default, offer obvious deep-repair-lease, warn about unset config leases repair usability defaults new nobody enhancement major
#1203 /storage is insufficiently verbose when no crawl running leases wui usability new nobody defect normal
#1408 accounting using bitcoins bitcoin accounting performance leases security new somebody defect normal
#1816 add a lease renewal method that only renews some shares in a shareset, to be used by repair/rebalancing forward-compatibility rebalancing repair RIStorageServer leases leasedb servers-of-happiness new warner defect normal
#1832 support indefinite leases with garbage collection leases gc garbage-collection accounting new enhancement normal
#1833 storage server deletes garbage shares itself instead of waiting for crawler to notice them leases garbage-collection accounting new enhancement normal
#1834 stop using share crawler for anything except constructing a leasedb leases garbage-collection accounting performance crawlers new defect normal
#1835 stop grovelling the whole storage backend looking for externally-added shares to add a lease to leases garbage-collection accounting new enhancement normal
#1837 remove the "override lease duration" feature leases garbage-collection accounting new defect normal
#1871 provide interface to query lease storage information transparency accounting operations storage usability leases assigned davidsarah enhancement normal
#1893 don't do lease-renewal automatically leases garbage-collection accounting new enhancement normal
#1517 don't use IndexError to signal lease not found cleanup leases new defect minor
#2012 Translate accounting-overview.txt to rst format. docs accounting leases new marlowe defect minor
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