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#235 scale up to many nodes scalability memory performance openssl leastauthority new enhancement major
#510 use plain HTTP for storage server protocol standards gsoc http leastauthority new exarkun enhancement major
#587 Web nodes provide ambient upload authority upload security accounting websec new daira defect major
#1629 auto-configuration of tub.location for nodes running on EC2 usability config aws ec2 new enhancement normal
#1875 Hanging on dead reference? hang crash subprocess foolscap s3-backend new davidsarah defect normal
#1902 WUI: "Download a file" should error on directory usability wui assigned Lcstyle defect normal
#2236 Skip files with errors, Long files name, too large. Instead of failing the entire process tahoe-backup error cli new Zancas defect normal
#2238 add simpler documentation for a single server use-case LeastAuthority docs assigned daira enhancement normal
#2252 Error reports should always give the IP and server id of a server which failed. leastauthority error new nejucomo defect normal
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