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#770 webapi: listen on multiple interfaces/ports http port new enhancement major
#1436 web interface using wrong address / port number when doing ssh port forwarding ssh port forwarding redirect wui new defect major
#1706 The "Report!" button in the "Report an Incident" form field redirects to a misleading/incomplete message WUI incident gatherer UX UI report new zancas defect normal
#2073 Wrong ports are reported for connected nodes wui tub port foolscap firewall new defect normal
#2147 web.port can conflict usability cli git-annex port assigned daira defect normal
#2927 nondeterministic failure of allmydata.test.test_introducer.SystemTest.test_system on Windows: Address already in use cygwin windows port test new defect normal
#389 Implement Web Portal feature. portal ui new enhancement minor
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