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#891 web gateway memory grows without bound under load reliability scalability memory new warner defect critical
#200 writing of shares is fragile and "tahoe stop" is unnecessarily harsh reliability new warner enhancement major
#270 test for interrupted writes of mutable files reliability preservation test new zooko defect major
#320 add streaming (on-line) upload to HTTP interface streaming performance upload fuse webdav twisted reliability http assigned zooko enhancement major
#390 'readonly_storage' and 'reserved_space' not honored for mutable-slot write requests reliability mutable backend availability anti-censorship new defect major
#462 PUT should elicit 100 Continue curl hang reliability http standards new defect major
#472 cpu monitor sometimes shows negative numbers statistics reliability new defect major
#474 uncaught exception in mutable-retrieve: UCW between mapupdate and retrieve mutable upload download hang reliability test-needed ucwe new defect major
#480 mutable storage-server API needs a way to refuse shares mutable reliability error new defect major
#529 Implement Halt and Catch Fire reliability availability anti-censorship error new defect major
#680 Fix for mutable files with FTP ftpd mutable reliability integrity test known-issue assigned daira defect major
#719 Making requests too soon after startup can fail download upload check repair usability error wui availability reliability new defect major
#812 server-side crawlers: tolerate corrupted shares, verify shares reliability new warner defect major
#846 allmydata.test.test_system.SystemTest.test_mutable sometimes hangs on a slow machine test arm reliability hang heisenbug assigned zooko defect major
#849 Tahoe cp command refuses to copy remote files to a local directory that contains special files reliability tahoe-cp new defect major
#871 handle out-of-disk-space condition reliability availability new somebody defect major
#914 tahoe backup gives a fatal BackupProcessingError if it sees a file, but the file is deleted before tahoe backs it up tahoe-backup usability error reliability new nobody defect major
#1041 Timeout error when uploading a file with some SFTP clients, e.g. WinSCP sftp winscp upload reliability timeout assigned davidsarah defect major
#1042 KeyError exception seen in log when doing a mutable publish on the pubgrid mutable upload reliability new defect major
#1081 FTP upload silently fails when nodes < happiness ftpd upload error reliability unfinished-business servers-of-happiness assigned davidsarah defect major
#1105 allow uncoordinated reads concurrent with writes of a mutable file or directory locally docs fuse sftp integrity reliability new defect major
#1124 upload is unhappy even though the shares are already distributed upload availability reliability unfinished-business servers-of-happiness new defect major
#1201 'rm' via sftp+sshfs may hang if previous operations on the file are "stuck" hang sftp sshfs reliability assigned davidsarah defect major
#1229 Memory leak during deep-check performance reliability memory repair assigned francois defect major
#1278 gateway won't serve any page; variety of interesting error messages in twistd.log reliability availability error hang heisenbug wui anti-censorship test-needed new somebody defect major
#1288 support streaming uploads in uploader streaming performance upload sftp fuse reliability newcaps new enhancement major
#1367 tolerance for broken TCP connections due to incorrect/restrictive firewalls availability firewall reliability new defect major
#1524 twistd can fail when checking whether a is stale twistd reliability usability tahoe-start unix assigned davidsarah defect major
#1696 attempting more than four simultaneous put uploads seems to break client integrity preservation reliability scalability error new somebody defect major
#1731 httplib.BadStatusLine exception occurred once in 10000 "tahoe put"s to the same SDMF writecap reliability cli heisenbug error new davidsarah defect major
#2364 Clients in onion grid busy-wait if a storage node is unreachable availability reliability anti-censorship tor-protocol anonymity new defect major
#2409 tolerate simultaneous uploads better upload usability performance immutable reliability new defect major
#2582 Magic Folder: improve conflict detection to handle more than 2 clients magic-folder usability reliability assigned daira defect major
#2604 Magic Folder: handle case-insensitivity on Windows more sensitively magic-folder reliability preservation dataloss windows new daira defect major
#641 tahoe backup should be able to backup symlinks tahoe-backup symlink reliability news-done new defect normal
#1280 deal with fragile, but disposable, bucket state files pickle reliability new daira defect normal
#1755 2-phase commit 2pc mutable reliability consistency new daira enhancement normal
#1919 cloud backend OpenStack: send MD5 ETag reliability storage openstack cloud-backend new davidsarah defect normal
#1920 cloud backend: a failed upload can leave chunk objects that prevent subsequent uploads of the same file cloud-backend openstack upload reliability assigned daira defect normal
#1937 back up the content of a file even if the content changes without changing mtime tahoe-backup reliability preservation new defect normal
#1976 SFTP+SSHFS hangs for second concurrent operation sftp sshfs hang reliability assigned daira defect normal
#2035 "tahoe backup" on the same immutable content when some shares are missing does not repair that content. usability preservation reliability servers-of-happiness repair tahoe-backup performance new defect normal
#2068 cloud.s3 backend: investigate DNS failures; possibly fall back to bucket-in-path for retries if bucket-in-host fails s3-backend ec2 dns error txaws reliability new daira defect normal
#2422 Multiple Helpers upload-helper multiple performance reliability new daira enhancement normal
#2425 Unreliable (including malicious) storage nodes availability reliability anti-censorship new daira enhancement normal
#2431 Magic Folder: implement "stability delay" stability reliability integrity performance magic-folder new daira enhancement normal
#2514 Magic Folder: consider possible "Sorcerer's Apprentice" problems magic-folder error reliability availability denial-of-service new daira task normal
#2606 Magic Folder: account properly for NFC normalization magic-folder reliability unicode nfc test-needed new daira defect normal
#2954 Magic-folder status sometimes displays "percent_done" values that exceed 100% magic-folder reliability transparency new daira defect normal
#2996 "Zombie Dragons": Magic-folders continue to sync after leaving magic-folder reliability transparency usability cli new daira defect normal
#92 add upload-status page: progress and to-whom info web upload usability reliability transparency new warner enhancement minor
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