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#2081 bad error message when you give a readonly dircap as target to "tahoe cp" usability error test-needed new defect normal
#671 bring back sizelimit (i.e. max consumed, not min free) usability statistics sftp docs new markberger defect major
#182 build a .pkg installer for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks (intel-x86-64) mac usability install openitp-packaging new zooko enhancement major
#1116 clarify difference between full and read-only servers in servers-of-happiness failure message easy unfinished-business usability error servers-of-happiness upload new daira defect major
#112 command-line: give it default values for the final element of the pathname usability cli assigned zooko enhancement minor
#114 command-line: multiple files at once tahoe-cp usability assigned zooko enhancement minor
#107 command-line: progress indicators tahoe-cp tahoe-check usability assigned zooko enhancement minor
#963 configure default installation of tahoe to point at a working grid install testgrid usability new somebody enhancement major
#1511 confusing error message from 'tahoe backup' when source directory doesn't exist error usability tahoe-backup new defect major
#1999 confusing error message when (S)FTP accounts file has malformed URL usability error new defect normal
#1340 consider share-at-a-time uploader upload usability performance memory availability preservation new enhancement normal
#1077 consistent timestamp format and timezone time usability logging assigned zooko defect major
#2324 copy of introducer furl, aliases to new computer, error with alias but not alias's value usability new-user error new jgillisp defect normal
#794 create DSA writecaps from a passphrase newcaps newurls usability confidentiality integrity new enhancement major
#2088 create-node error when ~/.tahoe already exists usability new-user easy error new warner defect normal
#1898 deep check on a non-directory gives unhelpful "400 Bad Request" error usability error tahoe-deep-check verify assigned davidsarah defect normal
#1903 deprecate one of the synonyms "/file/" and "/named/" from the WAPI usability wui wapi docs forward-compatibility reopened zooko enhancement normal
#1883 design a user survey usability survey new defect normal
#1029 download a subtree as an archive usability docs test performance unicode i18n new enhancement major
#1684 duplicate settings in tahoe.cfg should produce an error error config usability backward-compatibility new defect major
#1112 error message for corrupted caps to {{{tahoe ls}}} is unclear tahoe-ls usability newurls error new defect major
#1647 errors should include a timestamp and/or request ID so that they can be correlated with server logs error time usability wui cli assigned davidsarah defect major
#595 get the immutable file hash of a file without uploading it performance usability new somebody enhancement major
#1091 give clearer names to the "create a directory" buttons easy usability assigned Lcstyle enhancement minor
#884 give nice error page when URL is mangled or from the future usability newurls forward-compatibility wui error assigned davidsarah defect major
#2152 have the introducer advertise the external IP it sees for a node to other nodes introducer introduction usability config tub.location firewall iputil new defect normal
#525 include platform of each remote peer in the welcome page's known-servers table wui usability transparency welcomepage reopened enhancement minor
#960 integrate Tahoe-LAFS into GVFS usability gvfs new enhancement major
#1492 introducer status page is ugly usability wui aesthetics unfinished-business new defect normal
#2547 it is too confusing that --basedir works for some commands and not others usability error cli new defect normal
#2082 it says "option --node-dir not a unique prefix", but it is! usability error cli twisted new defect normal
#2332 ls -l doesn't show size of mutable files when listing directories preformance usability tahoe-ls new defect normal
#1597 make 'tahoe cp' support the same '--exclude' options as 'tahoe backup' tahoe-cp usability new enhancement normal
#1299 make 'tahoe debug dump-cap' print attenuated versions of the cap, and give it a better command name tahoe-debug usability new defect major
#2198 make exception tracebacks easier to grok usability error new enhancement normal
#568 make immutable check/verify/repair and mutable check/verify work given only a verify cap confidentiality verify repair usability tahoe-check wui anti-censorship excess-authority new daira defect major
#1967 make new WUI work on phone wui aesthetics usability phone new defect normal
#1368 make the added convergence secret be a per-file configuration defaults usability confidentiality convergence new nobody defect major
#277 make the wui show the underlying LAFS model -- one WUI page per link in LAFS newurls wui usability new zooko enhancement major
#1376 make user-oriented error message for absence of node.url cli usability tahoe-* doc error new defect major
#920 mkdir-immutable probably shouldn't implicitly create (mutable) intermediate directories docs usability new defect minor
#1596 more specific error message for the case where too few servers are connected error usability servers-of-happiness new somebody defect major
#1887 naming of expire.cutoff_date option with an underscore is inconsistent gc cutoff-date configuration usability backward-compatibility new defect minor
#1726 new visualizer needs labels with units usability doc download visualizer new warner defect normal
#1550 new/alternate download visualizer documentation usability visualization transparency download new drewp enhancement major
#1709 order nodes by nickname instead of peerid on the welcome page wui welcome usability new enhancement normal
#2100 passphrase-encrypt the aliases file aliases security capleak usability new daira enhancement normal
#1378 per-server timings of immutable uploads usability transparency upload wui new somebody defect normal
#1872 provide interface to purge user data transparency accounting operations storage usability new davidsarah enhancement normal
#1871 provide interface to query lease storage information transparency accounting operations storage usability leases assigned davidsarah enhancement normal
#1498 provide more automated setup assistant usability configuration new somebody enhancement normal
#2003 put nickname in <title> wui usability assigned daira enhancement normal
#1796 refuse to upload/download a mutable file if it cannot be done in the available memory mutable large usability error new defect normal
#2080 remove the "experimental" flag on MDMF in the WUI and make it the default wui usability doc directories mdmf forward-compatibility easy brians-opinion-needed new warner enhancement normal
#1952 rename "tahoe backup" to "tahoe snapshot" tahoe-backup usability docs new enhancement normal
#766 repair results Summary field says "Unhealthy" even though it is healthy after the repair, if it was unhealthy before easy usability error verify repair assigned davidsarah defect major
#579 report corrupted shares error usability preservation download repair anti-censorship new defect major
#288 resumption of interrupted downloads download partial usability random-access new warner enhancement major
#1310 separate "gateway state directory" from "client state directory" usability reopened warner defect major
#471 servermap update chart doesn't fit wui usability new defect major
#1293 servers-of-happiness is too conservative when K = 1 servers-of-happiness usability availability unfinished-business assigned davidsarah defect major
#2095 sftp - unable to recognise password in private/accounts new-user docs sftp config usability assigned daira defect normal
#1092 shares.happy is the wrong name of the measure usability upload servers-of-happiness unfinished-business new warner defect minor
#1821 show full, explorable details about check and repair operations usability transparency ostrom statistics repair new enhancement normal
#1912 show miniature live view of recent activity right on the front page transparency usability new drewp enhancement normal
#964 show sizes in unambiguous way that doesn't get mistaken for different units usability assigned zooko defect minor
#1279 silent failure of bin/tahoe when root partition is out of space? usability error reopened somebody defect minor
#1101 some CLI commands accept "--verbose", other don't usability easy new defect minor
#554 some directory targets in wapi/wui require trailing slashes usability easy docs assigned davidsarah defect major
#1943 storage servers should report if the filesystem containing shares has been unmounted usability removable-disk new defect normal
#813 string exception raised to web renderer? usability error new somebody defect minor
#1723 tahoe backup --help (for example) implies that you have to use aliases usability backup cli docs new zancas defect normal
#851 tahoe backup exclude option only matches on filename instead of path tahoe-backup usability new enhancement major
#914 tahoe backup gives a fatal BackupProcessingError if it sees a file, but the file is deleted before tahoe backs it up tahoe-backup usability error reliability new nobody defect major
#2096 tahoe backup says "WARNING: cannot backup special file" when a file has been moved while it is running tahoe-backup error usability new defect normal
#1914 tahoe check reports incorrect encoding tahoe-check verify mutable usability new defect normal
#2410 tahoe create-alias issue usability new dipen defect normal
#2109 tahoe deep-check raises MustForceRepairError tahoe-check tahoe-deep-check repair usability error new defect normal
#1414 tahoe get on DIR2 URIs fails with error message that is too terse usability error new daira defect minor
#904 tahoe ls -l: show "i"/"m" instead of useless "x" usability new enhancement minor
#655 tahoewapi demo tree-view.html always recurses to ro_uri in children. wui usability new nejucomo defect major
#1375 the performance stats for each upload or download are undiscoverable usability docs easy performance ostrom upload download statistics wui new tarcieri defect normal
#1936 the tahoe-lafs logging system is hard to discover usability transparency logging new defect normal
#915 the timers used by tahoe backup to trigger repair for unhealthy files should be configurable tahoe-backup preservation usability new defect major
#1750 times are rounded too coarsely in results pages usability performance stats new defect normal
#1078 timestamps: localizable format and timezone i18n time usability welcome directory-page wui new somebody defect minor
#2409 tolerate simultaneous uploads better upload usability performance immutable reliability new defect major
#687 too many "false alarms" in incident reporting error logging usability foolscap new somebody defect major
#631 trailing spaces in filenames break the WUI rename function wui usability names new defect major
#1300 turn on garbage collection by default, offer obvious deep-repair-lease, warn about unset config leases repair usability defaults new nobody enhancement major
#1524 twistd can fail when checking whether a is stale twistd reliability usability tahoe-start unix assigned davidsarah defect major
#863 unlink file with empty name through the CLI usability cli names easy assigned davidsarah defect major
#1913 unlink many children from a directory at once usability tahoe-unlink new enhancement normal
#1169 update documentation for the download status page doc immutable download wui usability easy new warner defect major
#524 upgrade notification usability upgrade privacy new enhancement minor
#386 upload status page should show nicknames status usability ostrom new akp enhancement minor
#951 uploads aren't cancelled by closing the web page usability upload large wui ophandle assigned zooko defect major
#1217 useless error message when I use wrong syntax for a path in CLI commands, e.g. "tahoe cp" usability error assigned davidsarah defect major
#2336 using two copies of the same node directory fails badly usability foolscap new defect major
#1485 web-API: POSTs and GETs should be to distinct URLs newurls http usability webapi standards assigned davidsarah defect major
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