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#995 It's way too easy to give away write directory caps wui jsui usability confidentiality capleak websec new nobody jsgf major defect
#997 The webapi/WUI should have https enabled by default confidentiality wui webapi capleak new nobody jsgf major defect
#1001 test framework for web apps that use JavaScript jsui music test new davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1003 add-lease may fail to mark a node if the path by which it is reachable changes during marking leases gc preservation usability docs new somebody davidsarah major defect
#1011 secure decentralized blog blog gsoc new somebody davidsarah major enhancement
#1018 backup manager task (inside the node) backup performance usability new warner major enhancement
#1029 download a subtree as an archive usability docs test performance unicode i18n new nejucomo major enhancement
#1041 Timeout error when uploading a file with some SFTP clients, e.g. WinSCP sftp winscp upload reliability timeout assigned davidsarah freestorm major defect
#1044 short-circuit checker/verifier behavior performance immutable verify repair new zooko major defect
#1047 Upload failures should report useful HTTP status lines error http usability transparency new nobody kpreid major enhancement
#1048 Expected exceptions should not include tracebacks error new kpreid major enhancement
#1059 sshfs does not wait for an FX_CLOSE request to complete before reporting success from the close sftp sshfs preservation docs new davidsarah major defect
#1084 nondeterministic failure of allmydata.test.test_system.SystemTest.test_upload_and_download_{random_key,convergent} test upload heisenbug assigned zooko davidsarah major defect
#1102 "tahoe ls $DIRCAP:" gives an unhelpful error message usability new zooko major defect
#1103 "tahoe cp -r" gives unhelpful error message when you append a ':" to the dircap as arg usability error easy new zooko major defect
#1105 allow uncoordinated reads concurrent with writes of a mutable file or directory locally docs fuse sftp integrity reliability new davidsarah major defect
#1107 "sneakernet" servers bandwidth performance migration preservation storage backend sneakernet new warner major enhancement
#1122 failure in allmydata.test.test_runner.RunNode.test_client: 'does not look like a running node directory' test startup new drewp davidsarah major defect
#1126 maybe have separate code paths for upload and repair performance availability cache upload new davidsarah major defect
#1132 browser protocol handler or plugin for Tahoe URIs browser newurls new davidsarah major enhancement
#1142 Unlikely XSS Potential in File Names in WUI security xss html names wui new nobody chrisp major defect
#1144 Loopy/Uninhibited/Overlarge Filename Makes Web Server Crump security names wui new nobody chrisp major defect
#1163 server stats statistics operational new zooko major enhancement
#1179 use μTP firewall availability new zooko major enhancement
#1184 Clean up the front page of the project site website new secorp secorp major task
#1187 mitigate the performance bottleneck of slow servers in download download performance new davidsarah major defect
#1189 investigate best FUSE+sshfs options to use for performance and correctness of SFTP via sshfs sftp sshfs performance docs new bj0 davidsarah major defect
#1193 adding support for http byte range in http_common.do_http test http range do_http partial content new guyzmo guyzmo major enhancement
#1213 Should support change of hash functions security forward-compatibility integrity new somebody ruudud major task
#1215 add CORS support security http same-origin cors websec new warner major enhancement
#1221 operation stats are not sufficient to understand what's wrong statistics transparency ostrom new gdt major defect
#1222 scoreboard server status statistics profiling new gdt major enhancement
#1244 make sure we have binaries of zfec for all supported platforms and versions of Python binaries new nobody zooko major defect
#1249 There may be a memory leak in the tahoe-lafs storage server, which may or may not be related to the number of other storage servers. memory scalability assigned stott stott major defect
#1252 use different encoding parameters for dirnodes than for files preservation availability dirnodes anti-censorship assigned davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1269 add tcpdump data to viz tool performance new warner major enhancement
#1271 trac: show tooltip of standard keywords on ticket-modify pages trac new somebody warner major enhancement
#1281 implement a notification mechanism, e.g. for accounting messages notification extensibility new somebody davidsarah major enhancement
#1283 support running as a service on Windows windows service docs multiuser-gateway new davidsarah major enhancement
#1288 support streaming uploads in uploader streaming performance upload sftp fuse reliability newcaps new davidsarah major enhancement
#1290 replace all use of pickles with JSON security pickle json new somebody davidsarah major defect
#1299 make 'tahoe debug dump-cap' print attenuated versions of the cap, and give it a better command name tahoe-debug usability new davidsarah major defect
#1300 turn on garbage collection by default, offer obvious deep-repair-lease, warn about unset config leases repair usability defaults new nobody zooko major enhancement
#1310 separate "gateway state directory" from "client state directory" usability reopened warner zooko major defect
#1312 tiddly_on_tahoe says "saving please wait...done" *after* it is finished saving tiddly new nobody arch_o_median major defect
#1315 tiddly_on_tahoe put back saveBackup functionality tiddly new nobody arch_o_median major defect
#1316 tiddly_on_tahoe caching issue -- must hit reload to see new contents tiddly new nobody arch_o_median major defect
#1317 button to create a new tiddly_on_tahoe instance tiddly new nobody arch_o_median major enhancement
#1318 tiddly_on_tahoe wrong error message when server is unreachable tiddly new nobody arch_o_median major defect
#1319 tiddly_on_tahoe Suggested feature: blog comments tiddly new nuttycom arch_o_median major defect
#1321 tiddly_on_tahoe writes itself more times than necessary? tiddly new nobody arch_o_median major enhancement
#1323 tiddly_on_tahoe header should link to immutable as well as to read-only links tiddly new nobody arch_o_median major enhancement
#1324 tiddly_on_tahoe Make the default tiddlywiki indicate capability being used to access it. tiddly new nobody arch_o_median major enhancement
#1325 make `tahoe backup` keep more filesystem metadata tahoe-backup metadata symlink hardlink new nobody chrysn major enhancement
#1327 tiddly_on_tahoe Tahoe patches change tiddlywiki behavior in unexpected way tiddly new nobody arch_o_median major defect
#1331 --verify option for `tahoe backup` tahoe-backup preservation backupdb gridid verify new nobody chrysn major defect
#1336 improve the mechanism that causes test nodes to exit even if not successfully stopped cleanup test assigned daira davidsarah major defect
#1343 how does a packager find version requirements for indirect dependencies? docs new somebody davidsarah major defect
#1352 zsh (and maybe other shells) completion shell completion usability performance new eurekafag major enhancement
#1353 make the FUSE interface be a supported, first-class feature fuse docs pyfilesystem dokan new somebody zooko major enhancement
#1354 compression (e.g. to efficiently store sparse files) compression space-efficiency performance new zooko major enhancement
#1361 revive the Windows Virtual Drive using open source filesystem library windows dokan pyfilesystem new zooko major enhancement
#1367 tolerance for broken TCP connections due to incorrect/restrictive firewalls availability firewall reliability new gdt major defect
#1368 make the added convergence secret be a per-file configuration defaults usability confidentiality convergence new nobody zooko major defect
#1369 allow static HTML files to be transcluded into WUI Welcome and directory listing pages wui welcomepage static html ostrom new davidsarah major defect
#1370 SFTP: consider supporting hard link extension sftp sshfs link assigned davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1373 'tahoe cp' should not make links to existing immutable files when the encoding parameters have changed tahoe-cp preservation availability rebalancing usability new davidsarah major defect
#1374 "walk through" or guide for people who want to read some code docs new nobody zooko major enhancement
#1406 performance measurement automation and visualization performance statistics new somebody zooko major enhancement
#1422 https node.url is not verified by httplib https security integrity confidentiality new nobody ChosenOne major defect
#1448 Storage node discovery via avahi discovery introduction avahi bonjour mesh foolscap new alexs T_X major enhancement
#1453 automated tests with all supported versions of dependencies test new somebody davidsarah major defect
#1456 High latency for 'tahoe get' if 'tahoe put' in parallel download upload latency performance gateway vm kvm vpn trickle new T_X T_X major defect
#1495 test forks of MacFUSE for use with sshfs on OS X Lion mac fuse osxfuse sftp sshfs new tarcieri davidsarah major task
#1511 confusing error message from 'tahoe backup' when source directory doesn't exist error usability tahoe-backup new davidsarah major defect
#1524 twistd can fail when checking whether a is stale twistd reliability usability tahoe-start unix assigned davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1550 new/alternate download visualizer documentation usability visualization transparency download new drewp zooko major enhancement
#1596 more specific error message for the case where too few servers are connected error usability servers-of-happiness new somebody davidsarah major defect
#1646 nondeterministic failure of mydata.test.test_runner.RunNode.test_introducer test heisenbug introducer new davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1649 WUI: the error message page for a writeable file/directory nonobviously includes the write cap usability security capleak websec assigned davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1652 pyfilesystem tahoe-lafs mounted with fuse does not handles fs.errors.StorageSpaceError pyfilesystem fuse error new nobody vrusinov major defect
#1659 setuptools/easy_install/pip-installed package lacks documentation packaging pypi new nejucomo nejucomo major defect
#1665 Brainstorm webapi vulnerabilities between the operator and a user and between users. docs security webapi introducer accounting status websec multiuser-gateway new nejucomo major task
#1684 duplicate settings in tahoe.cfg should produce an error error config usability backward-compatibility new davidsarah major defect
#1696 attempting more than four simultaneous put uploads seems to break client integrity preservation reliability scalability error new somebody mirimir major defect
#1731 httplib.BadStatusLine exception occurred once in 10000 "tahoe put"s to the same SDMF writecap reliability cli heisenbug error new davidsarah zancas major defect
#1811 9P frontend 9p sftp pycrypto-lib new davidsarah major enhancement
#1859 Proof-of-concept attack: Upload and execute attacker controlled js from any domain. security javascript same-origin capleak websec new davidsarah nejucomo major defect
#1904 filenames leak into log files from rename (and other web-API operations that take filenames) privacy logging easy new zooko major defect
#1939 memory leak (during check --repair --add-lease) new killyourtv killyourtv major defect
#2125 don't cache failures! error etag standards http new zooko major defect
#2202 ERROR: UnrecoverableFileError(no recoverable versions) transparency usability erasure-coding new daira gennylee major defect
#2336 using two copies of the same node directory fails badly usability foolscap new leif major defect
#2349 TypeError: AES.__init__() argument 1 must be string or read-only character buffer, not None TypeError mutable mapupdate new zooko major defect
#2364 Clients in onion grid busy-wait if a storage node is unreachable availability reliability anti-censorship tor-protocol anonymity new mhazinsk major defect
#2385 node web server should use DHE/ECDHE suites automatically security websec https forward-secrecy twisted new j3i j3i major enhancement
#2409 tolerate simultaneous uploads better upload usability performance immutable reliability new warner major defect
#2887 Introducers sending duplicated announcements for upgraded nodes i2p introducer new nwks major defect
#3535 Document crypto used in grid-manager grid-manager new meejah major task
#3825 Placeholder new meejah major defect
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