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#2018 padding to hide the size of plaintexts new nejucomo enhancement normal undecided
#2053 make "tahoe backup" avoid "piling up" if the backup job takes longer than the period new daira enhancement normal undecided
#2062 what happens if a "tahoe backup" process is in progress when another one is started? new defect normal undecided
#2070 WUI: what's the difference between "Immutable" and "SDMF"? new defect normal undecided
#2080 remove the "experimental" flag on MDMF in the WUI and make it the default new warner enhancement normal soon
#2081 bad error message when you give a readonly dircap as target to "tahoe cp" new defect normal undecided
#2082 it says "option --node-dir not a unique prefix", but it is! new defect normal soon
#2097 deprecate FTP in favor of SFTP? new daira defect normal soon
#2101 improve error messages from failed uploads new daira defect normal soon
#2107 don't place shares on servers that already have shares new enhancement normal undecided
#2108 uploader should keep trying other servers if its initially-chosen servers fail during the "scan" phase new daira defect normal soon
#2110 uploader confuses self-write-dedup with "server is full" new markberger defect normal undecided
#2125 don't cache failures! new defect major undecided
#2138 file formatting conventions for text files in our source repo new zooko enhancement normal undecided
#2205 "--help" text confuses dircaps with aliases new CyberAxe defect normal undecided
#2226 add doc about literal caps in performance.rst assigned marlowe defect normal undecided
#2227 "format=mutable" in the web API new enhancement normal undecided
#2228 add directory operations to performance.rst assigned marlowe defect normal undecided
#2241 exception when trying to attach file to trac ticket new defect normal undecided
#2250 don't re-use metadata from earlier snapshots, in a "tahoe backup" new defect normal soon
#2302 update the Content-Disposition and filename stuff for modern standards and practice new defect normal soon
#2307 make user-oriented error message for malformed furls new defect normal undecided
#2342 Too many open files new defect normal undecided
#2349 TypeError: AES.__init__() argument 1 must be string or read-only character buffer, not None new defect major undecided
#2352 dead code/bug in error-handling in mutable.layout.MDMFSlotWriteProxy._write new defect normal undecided
#2373 adopt pyrsistent new enhancement normal undecided
#2376 Don't use helper for local nodes, only remote ones new enhancement normal undecided
#2448 `tahoe ls $THING $OTHERTHING` doesn't work assigned jbaeth enhancement normal soon
#2472 encrypted cloud database new daira defect normal undecided
#2555 publish-and-subscribe to change events on mutables new daira defect normal undecided
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