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#2369 Support encryptionless sftp using sftp-over-tcp new HoverHell normal undecided code-frontend-ftp-sftp
#622 add a 'repair' button on the webapi checker results page assigned Lcstyle major 1.15.0 code-frontend-web
#1091 give clearer names to the "create a directory" buttons assigned Lcstyle minor 1.15.0 code-frontend-web
#1728 add link to docs/frontends/download-status.rst from the download status page assigned Lcstyle normal 1.15.0 code-frontend-web
#386 upload status page should show nicknames new akp minor eventually code-frontend-web
#1448 Storage node discovery via avahi new alexs major undecided code-network
#2135 Add --print-uri option to "tahoe backup" to dump resulting backup URI new amontero normal soon code-frontend-cli
#2142 How to enhance WebUI default security against capability eavesdropping? new amontero normal undecided code-frontend-web
#932 benchmark Tahoe-LAFS compared to nosql dbs assigned bibilthaysose major undecided dev-infrastructure
#1541 Add ?t=xml parameter for getting file statistics new bibilthaysose normal undecided code-frontend-web
#2729 Add binary builds to's buildbot/download page new cypher normal 1.15.0 packaging
#573 Allow client to control which storage servers receive shares assigned daira normal 1.15.0 code-peerselection
#836 use mkdir-with-children or set-children in "tahoe cp [-r]" assigned daira major soon code-frontend-cli
#1478 'tahoe create-introducer' should create introducer.furl immediately assigned daira normal 1.15.0 code-nodeadmin
#1755 2-phase commit new daira normal soon code
#1997 Eventually remove disconnected nodes from Welcome page display new daira normal 1.15.0 code-frontend-web
#2003 put nickname in <title> assigned daira normal soon code-frontend-web
#2053 make "tahoe backup" avoid "piling up" if the backup job takes longer than the period new daira normal undecided unknown
#2057 reproducible builds new daira normal undecided packaging
#2084 Commercial grids need an ability to disallow downloads without deleting data new daira normal undecided unknown
#2100 passphrase-encrypt the aliases file new daira normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#2117 Valid helper makes "Connected to Q of R" irrelevant for upload success new daira normal undecided code-frontend-web
#2123 Build intermitently-connected replication-only storage grid new daira normal undecided unknown
#2143 Adding aliases to the WUI new daira normal undecided code-frontend-web
#2238 add simpler documentation for a single server use-case assigned daira normal undecided documentation
#2244 Would like to have tahoe backup --include new daira normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#2268 on Unix, if filesystem and/or I/O encodings are ASCII, ignore that and use UTF-8 instead assigned daira normal 1.15.0 code-frontend-cli
#2372 add precondition_type convenience function new daira minor undecided code
#2402 serve static files under a common URL assigned daira normal 1.15.0 code-frontend-web
#2422 Multiple Helpers new daira normal undecided code-network
#2424 Spreading servers reopened daira normal undecided code-network
#2425 Unreliable (including malicious) storage nodes new daira normal undecided code-peerselection
#2502 consider switching from 'verlib' to 'packaging' for version checks assigned daira normal eventually packaging
#2923 Automate (some of) NEWS generation new daira normal undecided packaging
#3352 Give the Tahoe-LAFS Nix package a version for `allmydata.__version__` new daira normal undecided packaging
#54 port memory usage tests to windows assigned davidsarah major eventually code
#725 We should whine if we're running as root. assigned davidsarah major soon code-nodeadmin
#839 Copying directories containing caps from the future assigned davidsarah major soon code-frontend-cli
#872 Adjust the probability of selecting a node according to its storage capacity (or other fitness measure) new davidsarah major undecided code-peerselection
#947 Add file-with-metadata caps assigned davidsarah major 2.0.0 code
#971 "Humanized failures" should still have a traceback, hidden by default assigned davidsarah major soon code-frontend-web
#1000 add 'Tahoe Explorer' (JavaScript-based UI) to Tahoe assigned davidsarah major soon code-frontend-web
#1007 HTTP proxy support for node to node communication new davidsarah minor 1.15.0 code-network
#1342 rename tests of packaging and improve them to avoid spurious system-dependent test failures assigned davidsarah minor soon packaging
#1356 SFTP and FTP: allow logging in with an arbitrary cap URI as root directory assigned davidsarah major 1.15.0 code-frontend-ftp-sftp
#1545 add readv() API to immutable-share storage-server protocol, use in downloader assigned davidsarah major soon code-storage
#1813 Choice of tree-hash new davidsarah minor undecided unknown
#1838 Add storage location hint to Storage Server new davidsarah normal undecided code-storage
#1871 provide interface to query lease storage information assigned davidsarah normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#1872 provide interface to purge user data new davidsarah normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#1905 add diagram of current tahoe-lafs protocol assigned davidsarah normal soon documentation
#1906 constant-time directory lookup new davidsarah normal undecided code-dirnodes
#2712 implement leif's magic-folder data model new dawuud normal undecided unknown
#2767 Allow N, K, and H to be specified per command. new dawuud normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#1550 new/alternate download visualizer new drewp major undecided code-frontend-web
#1912 show miniature live view of recent activity right on the front page new drewp normal undecided code-frontend-web
#510 use plain HTTP for storage server protocol new exarkun major 2.0.0 code-storage
#544 'tahoe check' / 'tahoe deep-check' CLI should have prettier output assigned francois major eventually code-frontend-cli
#169 tcp hole-punching! new ghazel major undecided code-network
#1193 adding support for http byte range in http_common.do_http new guyzmo major undecided code-frontend-cli
#1873 add a show-caps command new igor normal soon code-frontend-cli
#2385 node web server should use DHE/ECDHE suites automatically new j3i major undecided code-frontend-web
#3398 Add pre-commits with lint checks assigned jaraco normal Support Python 3 unknown
#2448 `tahoe ls $THING $OTHERTHING` doesn't work assigned jbaeth normal 1.15.0 code-frontend-cli
#610 upload should take better advantage of existing shares new kevan major soon code-encoding
#467 allow the user to specify which servers a given gateway will use for uploads new leif major 1.15.0 code-peerselection
#2045 Make the paths of the different folders configurable new leif normal 1.15.0 code-nodeadmin
#1057 Alter mutable files to use servers of happiness new markberger major 1.15.0 code-mutable
#2060 Alter mutable uploads to use upload strategy of happiness new markberger normal 1.15.0 code-peerselection
#1663 Add a concise table of the URL tree to webapi.rst. assigned marlowe normal undecided documentation
#1782 move docs/proposed to the wiki assigned marlowe minor soon documentation
#1879 Glossary document assigned marlowe normal undecided documentation
#2916 grid-manager new meejah normal undecided code-network
#3317 Provide testing infrastructure for clients new meejah normal soon unknown
#787 Refine use case documentation for non-technical audiences. new nejucomo major undecided documentation
#2018 padding to hide the size of plaintexts new nejucomo normal undecided code-encoding
#674 controlled access to your WUI new nobody major 1.15.0 code-frontend-web
#707 use local storage server as encrypted cache new nobody minor undecided code-encoding
#869 Allow Tahoe filesystem to be run over a different key-value-store / DHT implementation new nobody major undecided code-network
#912 Build In Fault-Monitoring and Reporting new nobody major undecided code-nodeadmin
#913 Support running a storage node per drive easily new nobody major undecided code-nodeadmin
#946 upload should succeed as soon as the servers-of-happiness criterion is met new nobody major undecided code-encoding
#959 tahoe-lafs objects new nobody major 2.0.0 unknown
#1032 Display active HTTP upload operations on the status page new nobody minor eventually code-frontend-web
#1046 add note to performance.txt about expected memory usage new nobody major soon documentation
#1047 Upload failures should report useful HTTP status lines new nobody major undecided code-frontend-web
#1110 pipeline download blocks for better performance new nobody major soon code-network
#1300 turn on garbage collection by default, offer obvious deep-repair-lease, warn about unset config new nobody major undecided unknown
#1317 button to create a new tiddly_on_tahoe instance new nobody major undecided unknown
#1321 tiddly_on_tahoe writes itself more times than necessary? new nobody major undecided unknown
#1323 tiddly_on_tahoe header should link to immutable as well as to read-only links new nobody major undecided unknown
#1324 tiddly_on_tahoe Make the default tiddlywiki indicate capability being used to access it. new nobody major undecided unknown
#1325 make `tahoe backup` keep more filesystem metadata new nobody major undecided unknown
#1374 "walk through" or guide for people who want to read some code new nobody major undecided documentation
#1657 Sneakernet grid scenario new nobody normal undecided code-network
#170 package Tahoe-LAFS for Fedora new ruben normal soon (release n/a) packaging
#567 add version info to t=JSON output data assigned rvs major soon code-frontend-web
#3311 Move table layout to template file in download status page new sajith normal undecided code-frontend-web
#1938 make the existence of the Tahoe-LAFS Software Foundation apparent new secor normal soon (release n/a) website
#78 Cater to rsync as a target Tahoe client. new somebody minor undecided code
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