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#2581 Mounting SSH does no longer work with latest 1.10.2 release, worked with 1.10.0 - regression? new daira defect normal undecided
#2704 remove _lsLine from new daira defect normal undecided
#2712 implement leif's magic-folder data model new dawuud enhancement normal undecided
#2716 Exception on WUI new defect normal undecided
#2720 format_http_error leaks the URI new daira defect normal undecided
#2724 use humanize library new daira defect normal undecided
#2729 Add binary builds to's buildbot/download page new cypher enhancement normal Automate Release Process
#2733 excessively verbose warning about IrrationalVersionError reopened daira defect normal soon
#2735 remove "bin/tahoe" and fancy "@" runner support new task normal undecided
#2741 improve the OS-X packages new daira task normal undecided
#2748 move to Versioneer for git-based version-string generation new warner task normal soon
#2761 self-update command new enhancement normal undecided
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