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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1350 SFTP: clients may misparse directory listings with filenames containing unusual characters assigned davidsarah defect major soon
#1356 SFTP and FTP: allow logging in with an arbitrary cap URI as root directory assigned davidsarah enhancement major soon
#1357 'tahoe mount' command assigned davidsarah defect major soon
#1370 SFTP: consider supporting hard link extension assigned davidsarah defect major undecided
#1478 'tahoe create-introducer' should create introducer.furl immediately assigned daira enhancement normal soon
#1485 web-API: POSTs and GETs should be to distinct URLs assigned davidsarah defect major eventually
#1496 make SFTP frontend handle updates to MDMFs without downloading and uploading the entire file assigned davidsarah defect major soon
#1351 Use extended attributes to expose metadata new somebody enhancement minor undecided
#1352 zsh (and maybe other shells) completion new enhancement major undecided
#1353 make the FUSE interface be a supported, first-class feature new somebody enhancement major undecided
#1354 compression (e.g. to efficiently store sparse files) new enhancement major undecided
#1361 revive the Windows Virtual Drive using open source filesystem library new enhancement major undecided
#1362 SFTP: should removing a non-empty directory be permitted? new defect minor undecided
#1367 tolerance for broken TCP connections due to incorrect/restrictive firewalls new defect major undecided
#1368 make the added convergence secret be a per-file configuration new nobody defect major undecided
#1369 allow static HTML files to be transcluded into WUI Welcome and directory listing pages new defect major undecided
#1373 'tahoe cp' should not make links to existing immutable files when the encoding parameters have changed new defect major undecided
#1374 "walk through" or guide for people who want to read some code new nobody enhancement major undecided
#1375 the performance stats for each upload or download are undiscoverable new tarcieri defect normal undecided
#1376 make user-oriented error message for absence of node.url new defect major soon
#1378 per-server timings of immutable uploads new somebody defect normal soon
#1386 KeyError: 'file' if the local file is removed after selection and before Submit new daira defect normal soon
#1390 test whether it works to change encoding parameters for a new version of a mutable file new defect major soon
#1393 more detailed breakdown of upload 'Peer Selection' time new somebody defect normal soon
#1394 upload should not wait for all servers to respond new kevan defect major eventually
#1408 accounting using bitcoins new somebody defect normal undecided
#1410 sftp server listens on reachable IP addresses by default new defect minor undecided
#1414 tahoe get on DIR2 URIs fails with error message that is too terse new daira defect minor eventually
#1415 WUI is more useful than CLI new defect normal undecided
#1419 when you get write-access to a directory, it comes with a "suggested added convergence secret" new enhancement normal undecided
#1422 https node.url is not verified by httplib new nobody defect major undecided
#1426 re-key (write-enabler) protocol new enhancement major eventually
#1434 DYHB requests misrendered in download visualization new warner defect major soon
#1436 web interface using wrong address / port number when doing ssh port forwarding new defect major soon
#1437 Replace os.path (etc.) with twisted.python.filepath new zancas defect minor undecided
#1439 add docs/tests.rst documenting how to run tests and how to interpret the output new somebody task major eventually
#1443 use exocet instead of the builtin Python module loader new somebody enhancement minor undecided
#1447 add read-only mode for gateways new zooko enhancement major soon
#1448 Storage node discovery via avahi new alexs enhancement major undecided
#1452 clarify policy about what versions of dependencies Tahoe-LAFS requires new somebody defect major soon
#1453 automated tests with all supported versions of dependencies new somebody defect major undecided
#1456 High latency for 'tahoe get' if 'tahoe put' in parallel new T_X defect major undecided
#1461 stop writing small shares in old V1 share format new zancas enhancement minor soon
#1462 add legend to Recent Uploads and Downloads page, explain LIT new T_X defect major soon
#1468 mutable.rst and mut.svg contain some dated or confusing terminology and use different names new zancas defect minor undecided
#1482 change the hostname in the version strings from new somebody defect minor undecided
#1490 A script for autogenerating local grids. new zancas enhancement normal undecided
#1492 introducer status page is ugly new defect normal soon
#1495 test forks of MacFUSE for use with sshfs on OS X Lion new tarcieri task major undecided
#1497 update docs/performance.rst to explain the performance of MDMFs new defect major soon
#1498 provide more automated setup assistant new somebody enhancement normal undecided
#1499 when you create a mutable file in the WUI you should get a nice user interface page back new enhancement major soon
#1500 test_mutable.Update takes too long to run new defect major soon
#1501 too many source files called,, etc. new somebody defect minor eventually
#1502 WUI: make type field more regular, and show SDMF vs MDMF new defect major soon
#1535 Allow restricting Tahoe-LAFS gateway to one user by supporting Unix sockets new enhancement normal eventually
#1559 in test_download.Corruption.test_each_byte, catalog_detection = True has bitrotted new somebody defect normal eventually
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