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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1824 Tahoe process gone wild new daira defect critical soon
#1791 UploadUnhappinessError with available storage nodes > shares.happy new gyver defect major soon
#1795 Incomplete ServerMap triggers UncoordinatedWriteError upon mutable Publish assigned davidsarah defect major soon
#1797 WUI: view content in an HTML5 sandboxed iframe new defect major soon
#1798 Segregate gateway HTTP ports: one for raw bytes and one for generated WUI pages new freddyb defect major soon
#1811 9P frontend new enhancement major undecided
#1859 Proof-of-concept attack: Upload and execute attacker controlled js from any domain. new davidsarah defect major undecided
#1904 filenames leak into log files from rename (and other web-API operations that take filenames) new defect major undecided
#1939 memory leak (during check --repair --add-lease) new killyourtv defect major undecided
#2214 DOS defect concerning forged shares new daira defect major soon
#2349 TypeError: AES.__init__() argument 1 must be string or read-only character buffer, not None new defect major undecided
#1755 2-phase commit new daira enhancement normal soon
#1794 upload failed -- "I/O operation on closed file" new defect normal undecided
#1796 refuse to upload/download a mutable file if it cannot be done in the available memory new defect normal undecided
#1799 Document how to distinguish exceptions from JSON, or encode exceptions as JSON new defect normal undecided
#1809 WUI: upload to directory fails due to no file name new defect normal undecided
#1814 UploadUnhappinessError despite no apparent refusal of shares new defect normal soon
#1815 either bridge foolscap log messages to twistd.log, or remove the section of logging.rst about that new defect normal undecided
#1816 add a lease renewal method that only renews some shares in a shareset, to be used by repair/rebalancing new warner defect normal undecided
#1821 show full, explorable details about check and repair operations new enhancement normal eventually
#1823 is this server telling me over foolscap that its foolscap connection to me just broke? new defect normal undecided
#1831 Google Drive backend new enhancement normal undecided
#1832 support indefinite leases with garbage collection new enhancement normal undecided
#1833 storage server deletes garbage shares itself instead of waiting for crawler to notice them new enhancement normal undecided
#1834 stop using share crawler for anything except constructing a leasedb new defect normal undecided
#1835 stop grovelling the whole storage backend looking for externally-added shares to add a lease to new enhancement normal undecided
#1837 remove the "override lease duration" feature new defect normal undecided
#1838 Add storage location hint to Storage Server new davidsarah enhancement normal undecided
#1843 add `tahoe create-server`, define `create-node` to mean client+server assigned warner enhancement normal soon
#1844 slow download speeds new davidsarah defect normal undecided
#1846 add "started" timestamp on the current operations on Recent Uploads and Downloads new defect normal undecided
#1849 report maximum-immutable-share-size correctly in light of filesystem limits new defect normal undecided
#1850 Design new caps to be resilient against human transcription errors. new davidsarah defect normal
#1851 new immutable file upload protocol: streaming, fewer round-trips, quota-respecting new enhancement normal undecided
#1855 Potential interaction problem between tahoe backup and virtualbox shared drives on OSX host / debian guest. new davidsarah defect normal undecided
#1856 add a command-line command for "generate an incident report" new enhancement normal undecided
#1864 turn off the AUTOINCREMENT feature in our use of sqlite? new zooko enhancement normal soon
#1865 backup has over-general exception swallowing that leads to assertion failures. new davidsarah defect normal undecided
#1870 leasedb: performance regression new daira defect normal soon
#1871 provide interface to query lease storage information assigned davidsarah enhancement normal undecided
#1872 provide interface to purge user data new davidsarah enhancement normal undecided
#1873 add a show-caps command new igor enhancement normal soon
#1878 tahoe cp -r: add tests for copying cyclic directories new defect normal undecided
#1883 design a user survey new defect normal undecided
#1884 mention symlinking the shares directory in configuration.rst assigned marlowe defect normal undecided
#1889 allmydata.mutable.common.NotEnoughServersError does not produce a "humanized" failure message new defect normal soon
#1890 submit proposal for restrict-referrer-leakage to the CSP standardizers and implementors assigned davidsarah task normal soon
#1893 don't do lease-renewal automatically new enhancement normal undecided
#1894 add --interactive and --no-clobber options to 'tahoe cp' new defect normal undecided
#1895 implement replace=false for file upload into a mutable directory new davidsarah defect normal undecided
#1897 CLI: add a way to change an existing alias without directly editing the aliases file assigned daira defect normal soon
#1898 deep check on a non-directory gives unhelpful "400 Bad Request" error assigned davidsarah defect normal soon
#1899 make reported max-mutable-share-size have the same semantics as max-immutable-share-size new defect normal soon
#1900 a cli method of seeing the connected servers/clients new enhancement normal undecided
#1902 WUI: "Download a file" should error on directory assigned Lcstyle defect normal soon
#1903 deprecate one of the synonyms "/file/" and "/named/" from the WAPI reopened zooko enhancement normal soon
#1905 add diagram of current tahoe-lafs protocol assigned davidsarah enhancement normal soon
#1906 constant-time directory lookup new davidsarah enhancement normal undecided
#1907 Tor over Tahoe-LAFS new enhancement normal undecided
#1910 memory leak on 'tahoe get' new T_X defect normal undecided
#1912 show miniature live view of recent activity right on the front page new drewp enhancement normal undecided
#1913 unlink many children from a directory at once new enhancement normal undecided
#1914 tahoe check reports incorrect encoding new defect normal undecided
#1916 Folder healthy, but still get 410 Gone new davidsarah defect normal undecided
#1925 filesize is zero after upload via sshfs/sftp new cehteh defect normal undecided
#1928 web redirects should use relative URLs assigned davidsarah defect normal soon
#1929 express documentation for web-API operations in terms of "rooted paths" assigned marlowe defect normal soon
#1930 should ?t=rename be deprecated in favour of ?t=move ? new defect normal soon
#1931 WUI: niggles in the new Welcome page new daira defect normal soon
#1933 announcement seqnums: respond to state-rollback new enhancement normal undecided
#1935 bad behavior when localhost is down new warner defect normal undecided
#1936 the tahoe-lafs logging system is hard to discover new defect normal undecided
#1937 back up the content of a file even if the content changes without changing mtime new defect normal undecided
#1938 make the existence of the Tahoe-LAFS Software Foundation apparent new secor enhancement normal soon
#1943 storage servers should report if the filesystem containing shares has been unmounted new defect normal undecided
#1946 consider removing some st_* fields from metadata new defect normal soon
#1952 rename "tahoe backup" to "tahoe snapshot" new enhancement normal undecided
#2002 add tahoe df command new enhancement normal undecided
#1820 standard host metadata new enhancement minor undecided
#1840 CLI: don't allow creating single-letter aliases on Windows assigned davidsarah defect minor soon
#1881 test utility for comparing sets assigned davidsarah defect minor undecided
#1887 naming of expire.cutoff_date option with an underscore is inconsistent new defect minor undecided
#1917 cleanup: be consistent about importing StringIO new davidsarah defect minor undecided
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