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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#679 /storage emitting exception - lease reporting code davidsarah defect major code-frontend-web 1.3.0
#3786 Add OpenMetrics-format endpoint for scraping with Prometheus hacklschorsch enhancement normal code-frontend-web unknown
#1663 Add a concise table of the URL tree to webapi.rst. marlowe enhancement normal documentation 1.9.0
#2730 Added Missing TWN Issues to HTML marlowe task normal documentation n/a
#2127 Disambiguate "client" and "gateway" occurrences in Tahoe-LAFS docs marlowe defect normal documentation 1.10.0
#1879 Glossary document marlowe enhancement normal documentation n/a
#501 NotMutableError (now NotWriteableError) escaping into the twistd.log davidsarah defect major code-encoding 1.2.0
#1976 SFTP+SSHFS hangs for second concurrent operation daira defect normal code-frontend-ftp-sftp 1.10.0
#1370 SFTP: consider supporting hard link extension davidsarah defect major code-frontend-ftp-sftp 1.8.2
#3897 Support for I2P is broken exarkun defect normal code-network n/a
#3445 The runtime information on the "deep check results" page is untested exarkun defect normal unknown n/a
#1249 There may be a memory leak in the tahoe-lafs storage server, which may or may not be related to the number of other storage servers. stott defect major code 1.8.0
#1041 Timeout error when uploading a file with some SFTP clients, e.g. WinSCP davidsarah defect major code-frontend-ftp-sftp 1.6.1
#3347 Tor integration tests fail on Windows sajith defect normal dev-infrastructure n/a
#2243 TypeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__' while opening backupdb daira defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#1649 WUI: the error message page for a writeable file/directory nonobviously includes the write cap davidsarah defect major code-frontend-web 1.9.0
#2228 add directory operations to performance.rst marlowe defect normal documentation 1.10.0
#2226 add doc about literal caps in performance.rst marlowe defect normal documentation 1.10.0
#727 add optional-dependency on numpy zooko task minor packaging 1.4.1
#2238 add simpler documentation for a single server use-case daira enhancement normal documentation 1.10.0
#1752 are we doing more readvs and writevs than necessary for some CLI or WUI operations? davidsarah defect normal code 1.9.1
#932 benchmark Tahoe-LAFS compared to nosql dbs bibilthaysose enhancement major dev-infrastructure 1.5.0
#1715 change all docs and generated URLs to point to "/cap" instead of "/uri" davidsarah defect normal documentation 1.9.1
#114 command-line: multiple files at once zooko enhancement minor code-frontend-cli 0.7.0
#2507 consider whether to use @inlineCallbacks (in tests or more generally) daira task normal documentation 1.10.1
#2331 don't display capabilities without user explicitly asking for it daira defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#280 get_hash method in webapi for extension caching logic. zooko enhancement minor code-frontend-web 0.7.0
#1336 improve the mechanism that causes test nodes to exit even if not successfully stopped daira defect major code 1.8.1
#896 log more info about Foolscap disconnections on storages nodes (to twistd.log) francois defect minor code-network 1.5.0
#1884 mention symlinking the shares directory in configuration.rst marlowe defect normal documentation 1.9.2
#1084 nondeterministic failure of allmydata.test.test_system.SystemTest.test_upload_and_download_{random_key,convergent} zooko defect major code 1.7β
#2334 one slow server slows down all uploads that attempt to use it daira defect normal code-network 1.10.0
#1871 provide interface to query lease storage information davidsarah enhancement normal code-frontend-cli 1.9.2
#97 reducing memory footprint in share reception warner defect major code 0.4.0
#2047 refactor *Source classes in to have a basename() method rather than passing around (name, source) pairs daira defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#964 show sizes in unambiguous way that doesn't get mistaken for different units zooko defect minor code-storage 1.6.0
#2338 tahoe backup exits nonzero if there are any symlinks daira defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#1881 test utility for comparing sets davidsarah defect minor code 1.9.2
#1524 twistd can fail when checking whether a is stale davidsarah defect major code-nodeadmin 1.9.0a1
#3622 typechecks job is broken on CI for master@HEAD exarkun defect normal unknown n/a
#951 uploads aren't cancelled by closing the web page zooko defect major code-frontend-web 1.6.0
#1252 use different encoding parameters for dirnodes than for files davidsarah defect major code-frontend 1.8.0

Status: new (58 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2205 "--help" text confuses dircaps with aliases CyberAxe defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#2930 "AUTO" Tub location detection/assignment is silently broken when system tools are missing defect normal unknown 1.12.1
#3845 "Economic plugin" errors not surfaced effectively defect normal code-frontend-web 1.15.1
#2203 "UnrecoverableFileError(no recoverable versions)" is a poor-quality error report defect normal code-mutable 1.10.0
#2227 "format=mutable" in the web API enhancement normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#1107 "sneakernet" servers enhancement major code-storage 1.7.0
#632 "tahoe backup --prefix": override pathname root for snapshots enhancement major code-frontend-cli 1.3.0
#845 "tahoe backup" and HFS+ OS-level immutable directories: copying Time Machine backups enhancement major code-frontend-cli 1.5.0
#1103 "tahoe cp -r" gives unhelpful error message when you append a ':" to the dircap as arg defect major code-frontend-cli 1.7.0
#2823 "tahoe cp FILE ALIAS:" does unnecessary directory reads defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.11.0
#658 "tahoe cp" should avoid full upload/download when the destination already exists (using backupdb and/or plaintext hashes) enhancement major code-frontend-cli 1.3.0
#916 "tahoe cp": audit use of "mutable" flag defect minor code-frontend-cli 1.5.0
#1102 "tahoe ls $DIRCAP:" gives an unhelpful error message defect major code-frontend-cli 1.7.0
#2947 "tahoe ls" returns incorrect data. defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.12.1
#910 "tahoe mkdir" doesn't accept $CAP/path arguments? defect major code-frontend-cli 1.5.0
#944 "tahoe mv" doesn't accept just a path as the second argument? defect major code-frontend-cli 1.6.0
#2943 "tox -e codechecks" should check for docstrings in all new code enhancement minor dev-infrastructure 1.12.1
#1374 "walk through" or guide for people who want to read some code nobody enhancement major documentation 1.8.2
#1695 #tahoe-lafs IRC logs are not searchable submusic defect minor dev-infrastructure n/a
#2030 'make clean' does not delete all generated files defect normal packaging 1.10.0
#2230 'tahoe --version[and-path]' should print versions even if a requirement check fails defect normal packaging 1.10.0
#1373 'tahoe cp' should not make links to existing immutable files when the encoding parameters have changed defect major code-frontend-cli 1.8.2
#508 'tahoe debug verify-share' command somebody task minor operational 1.2.0
#2146 --autostart defect normal code-nodeadmin 1.10.0
#2851 --listen=tor failure leaves partial directory in place defect normal code-nodeadmin 1.11.0
#1331 --verify option for `tahoe backup` nobody defect major code-frontend-cli 1.7.1
#3852 500 error from JSON welcome page defect major code-frontend-web n/a
#1811 9P frontend enhancement major code-frontend 1.9.2
#1490 A script for autogenerating local grids. zancas enhancement normal code 1.8.2
#1541 Add ?t=xml parameter for getting file statistics bibilthaysose enhancement normal code-frontend-web 1.9.0a1
#3506 Add Welcome page output for grid-manager status enhancement normal unknown n/a
#2124 Add [storage].max_shares configuration option enhancement normal code-storage 1.10.0
#2019 Add disclaimer that "Tahoe-LAFS is unrelated to Tahoe Data Manager" and petition TDM publisher to add similar disclaimer. daira defect normal website 1.10.0
#1276 Add recent twitter posts to front page of site secorp task minor website n/a
#3489 Add some tests for src/allmydata/test/ exarkun defect normal unknown n/a
#1838 Add storage location hint to Storage Server davidsarah enhancement normal code-storage 1.9.2
#3319 Add tests for web UI directory operations sajith defect normal unknown n/a
#2143 Adding aliases to the WUI daira enhancement normal code-frontend-web
#872 Adjust the probability of selecting a node according to its storage capacity (or other fitness measure) davidsarah enhancement major code-peerselection 1.5.0
#2767 Allow N, K, and H to be specified per command. dawuud enhancement normal code-frontend-cli unknown
#869 Allow Tahoe filesystem to be run over a different key-value-store / DHT implementation nobody enhancement major code-network 1.5.0
#840 Allow all CLI commands to take arguments from stdin or a file, to avoid caps being visible to other local users enhancement major code-frontend-cli 1.5.0
#650 Allow metadata (location, contact information) to be added to announcements enhancement minor code-nodeadmin 1.3.0
#2358 Allow storage nodes to publish an arbitrary text description enhancement normal code-storage 1.10.0
#2923 Automate (some of) NEWS generation daira enhancement normal packaging 1.12.1
#864 Automated migration of shares between storage servers enhancement major code-storage 1.5.0
#72 Automatic detection of configuration changes. enhancement minor code-nodeadmin 0.4.0
#2240 Backup failed possibly related to network disconnection daira defect normal unknown 1.10.0
#1665 Brainstorm webapi vulnerabilities between the operator and a user and between users. task major code-frontend-web n/a
#912 Build In Fault-Monitoring and Reporting nobody enhancement major code-nodeadmin 1.5.0
#2123 Build intermitently-connected replication-only storage grid daira enhancement normal unknown 1.10.0
#3601 CI builds new images for test jobs even when Tahoe's dependencies haven't changed defect normal unknown n/a
#1533 CLI: the message displayed when already exists refers to --pidfile and --logfile parameters not supported by 'tahoe' defect minor code-frontend-cli 1.9.0a1
#2254 Can't backup still suffering from allmydata.interfaces.UploadUnhappinessError daira defect normal unknown 1.10.0
#825 Cannot use WUI to upload a file with a name different to its name in the local filesystem enhancement major code-frontend-web 1.5.0
#78 Cater to rsync as a target Tahoe client. somebody enhancement minor code 0.4.0
#3844 Change IRC channel from Freenode to maylee defect normal unknown n/a
#2120 Change counter value for AES-CTR daira defect normal code 1.10.0
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