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#1834 stop using share crawler for anything except constructing a leasedb defect normal code-storage 1.9.2
#1835 stop grovelling the whole storage backend looking for externally-added shares to add a lease to enhancement normal code-storage 1.9.2
#1837 remove the "override lease duration" feature defect normal code-storage 1.9.2
#1838 Add storage location hint to Storage Server davidsarah enhancement normal code-storage 1.9.2
#1841 IRC logs link broken defect normal website n/a
#1844 slow download speeds davidsarah defect normal code 1.9.2
#1846 add "started" timestamp on the current operations on Recent Uploads and Downloads defect normal code-frontend-web 1.9.2
#1849 report maximum-immutable-share-size correctly in light of filesystem limits defect normal code-storage 1.9.2
#1851 new immutable file upload protocol: streaming, fewer round-trips, quota-respecting enhancement normal code-storage 1.9.2
#1855 Potential interaction problem between tahoe backup and virtualbox shared drives on OSX host / debian guest. davidsarah defect normal code 1.9.2
#1856 add a command-line command for "generate an incident report" enhancement normal code-frontend-cli 1.9.2
#1859 Proof-of-concept attack: Upload and execute attacker controlled js from any domain. davidsarah defect major code-frontend-web 1.9.2
#1865 backup has over-general exception swallowing that leads to assertion failures. davidsarah defect normal unknown 1.9.2
#1867 Trac timeline RSS feed prompts for authentication defect normal website n/a
#1872 provide interface to purge user data davidsarah enhancement normal code-frontend-cli 1.9.2
#1875 Hanging on dead reference? davidsarah defect normal code 1.9.0-s3branch
#1878 tahoe cp -r: add tests for copying cyclic directories defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.9.2
#1883 design a user survey defect normal unknown 1.9.2
#1887 naming of expire.cutoff_date option with an underscore is inconsistent defect minor code-storage 1.9.2
#1893 don't do lease-renewal automatically enhancement normal code-storage 1.9.2
#1894 add --interactive and --no-clobber options to 'tahoe cp' defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.9.2
#1895 implement replace=false for file upload into a mutable directory davidsarah defect normal code-frontend-web 1.9.2
#1900 a cli method of seeing the connected servers/clients enhancement normal code-frontend-cli 1.9.2
#1904 filenames leak into log files from rename (and other web-API operations that take filenames) defect major code-frontend-web 1.9.2
#1906 constant-time directory lookup davidsarah enhancement normal code-dirnodes 1.9.2
#1907 Tor over Tahoe-LAFS enhancement normal contrib 1.9.2
#1910 memory leak on 'tahoe get' T_X defect normal code-frontend 1.9.2
#1912 show miniature live view of recent activity right on the front page drewp enhancement normal code-frontend-web 1.9.2
#1913 unlink many children from a directory at once enhancement normal code-dirnodes 1.9.2
#1914 tahoe check reports incorrect encoding defect normal code-frontend-web 1.9.2
#1916 Folder healthy, but still get 410 Gone davidsarah defect normal code-mutable 1.9.2
#1917 cleanup: be consistent about importing StringIO davidsarah defect minor code 1.9.2
#1925 filesize is zero after upload via sshfs/sftp cehteh defect normal code-frontend-ftp-sftp 1.9.2
#1933 announcement seqnums: respond to state-rollback enhancement normal code-network 1.9.2
#1935 bad behavior when localhost is down warner defect normal code-network 1.9.2
#1936 the tahoe-lafs logging system is hard to discover defect normal code-nodeadmin 1.9.2
#1937 back up the content of a file even if the content changes without changing mtime defect normal code 1.9.2
#1939 memory leak (during check --repair --add-lease) killyourtv defect major code 1.9.2
#1943 storage servers should report if the filesystem containing shares has been unmounted defect normal code-storage 1.9.2
#1952 rename "tahoe backup" to "tahoe snapshot" enhancement normal code-frontend-cli 1.9.2
#1965 FTP/SFTP: report malformed cap at login instead of use-time enhancement normal code-frontend-ftp-sftp 1.10.0
#1967 make new WUI work on phone defect normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#1968 always use assertutil for assertions defect minor code 1.10.0
#1989 foolscap: "an inbound callRemote ... failed" log entries include all arguments warner defect normal code-network 1.10.0
#1998 don't let "Calling Stale Broke" trigger an incident -- that's a false alarm warner defect normal operational 1.10.0
#1999 confusing error message when (S)FTP accounts file has malformed URL defect normal code-frontend-ftp-sftp 1.10.0
#2002 add tahoe df command enhancement normal code-storage 1.9.2
#2007 unhandled errors due to "bad connection hint '<IP address>' (hostname, but no port)" defect normal code-network 1.10.0
#2009 One Grid to Rule Them All daira defect normal code-network 1.10.0
#2010 Implement shortcuts to caps enhancement normal code-frontend 1.10.0
#2018 padding to hide the size of plaintexts nejucomo enhancement normal code-encoding 1.10.0
#2019 Add disclaimer that "Tahoe-LAFS is unrelated to Tahoe Data Manager" and petition TDM publisher to add similar disclaimer. daira defect normal website 1.10.0
#2020 write requirements doc for what we want from a package installer defect normal packaging 1.10.0
#2030 'make clean' does not delete all generated files defect normal packaging 1.10.0
#2031 Optionally serve ./docs from the web gateway. enhancement normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2036 accept trailing slashes on directory cap URIs defect normal code-frontend 1.10.0
#2038 look for any Y2038 problems in Tahoe-LAFS or its dependencies defect normal code 1.10.0
#2040 mutable files: expose test-and-set operations to HTTP clients daira defect normal code-mutable 1.10.0
#2050 Expand HowToWriteTests to packaging and distribution tests defect normal documentation 1.10.0
#2053 make "tahoe backup" avoid "piling up" if the backup job takes longer than the period daira enhancement normal unknown 1.10.0
#2054 Track unit test duration for possible regressions enhancement normal dev-infrastructure 1.10.0
#2056 bad connection hint in tub.location works once daira defect normal code-nodeadmin 1.10.0
#2057 reproducible builds daira enhancement normal packaging 1.10.0
#2062 what happens if a "tahoe backup" process is in progress when another one is started? defect normal code-nodeadmin 1.10.0
#2070 WUI: what's the difference between "Immutable" and "SDMF"? defect normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2073 Wrong ports are reported for connected nodes defect normal code-network 1.10.0
#2081 bad error message when you give a readonly dircap as target to "tahoe cp" defect normal code-mutable 1.10.0
#2084 Commercial grids need an ability to disallow downloads without deleting data daira enhancement normal unknown 1.10.0
#2085 Unit tests should work offline defect normal code-network 1.10.0
#2093 State-mutating GET methods in webapi. daira defect normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2096 tahoe backup says "WARNING: cannot backup special file" when a file has been moved while it is running defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#2100 passphrase-encrypt the aliases file daira enhancement normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#2107 don't place shares on servers that already have shares enhancement normal code-peerselection 1.10.0
#2109 tahoe deep-check raises MustForceRepairError defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#2110 uploader confuses self-write-dedup with "server is full" markberger defect normal unknown 1.10.0
#2117 Valid helper makes "Connected to Q of R" irrelevant for upload success daira enhancement normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2118 Lower extension size daira defect normal unknown 1.10.0
#2119 Don't pre-convert all serverids to ServerTrackers markberger defect normal unknown 1.10.0
#2120 Change counter value for AES-CTR daira defect normal code 1.10.0
#2123 Build intermitently-connected replication-only storage grid daira enhancement normal unknown 1.10.0
#2124 Add [storage].max_shares configuration option enhancement normal code-storage 1.10.0
#2125 don't cache failures! defect major code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2126 send application/json content-type for JSON response defect normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2136 Use Content-Security-Policy to harden the WUI daira defect normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2138 file formatting conventions for text files in our source repo zooko enhancement normal code 1.10.0
#2142 How to enhance WebUI default security against capability eavesdropping? amontero enhancement normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2143 Adding aliases to the WUI daira enhancement normal code-frontend-web
#2144 Tahoe-LAFS as website hosting storage backend enhancement normal contrib 1.10.0
#2145 allow downloading ciphertext given a verify cap enhancement normal code-frontend 1.10.0
#2146 --autostart defect normal code-nodeadmin 1.10.0
#2152 have the introducer advertise the external IP it sees for a node to other nodes defect normal code-network 1.10.0
#2195 deep-check ERROR: NoSharesError(no shares (need 1) daira defect normal unknown 1.10.0
#2198 make exception tracebacks easier to grok enhancement normal code-frontend 1.10.0
#2202 ERROR: UnrecoverableFileError(no recoverable versions) daira defect major unknown 1.10.0
#2203 "UnrecoverableFileError(no recoverable versions)" is a poor-quality error report defect normal code-mutable 1.10.0
#2205 "--help" text confuses dircaps with aliases CyberAxe defect normal code-frontend-cli 1.10.0
#2213 Make SFTP generate its own key enhancement normal code-nodeadmin 1.10.0
#2225 allow themeing of WUI enhancement normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2227 "format=mutable" in the web API enhancement normal code-frontend-web 1.10.0
#2230 'tahoe --version[and-path]' should print versions even if a requirement check fails defect normal packaging 1.10.0
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