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#1396 writing an incident flogfile (via foolscap 0.6.0/1) tries to use characters not valid in a Windows filename (':') somebody defect major 1.8.2 2011-05-06T16:01:22Z
#1758 tahoe check on LIT produces KeyError davidsarah defect normal 1.9.1 2012-06-04T05:24:57Z
#1775 u"py3 not supported" idiom will break in Python 3.3 davidsarah defect normal 1.9.1 2012-06-20T23:16:24Z
#1781 default maximum-immutable-share-size is probably off-by-one warner defect minor 1.9.1 2012-06-23T23:39:18Z
#1804 poor error reporting when a dependency can't be imported: Warning: version number None found for dependency 'pyopenssl' (imported from None) could not be parsed. davidsarah defect minor 1.9.2 2012-09-14T00:26:37Z
#1812 parse_abbreviated_size doesn't accept T for terabytes (and other quibbles with the regex it uses) warner defect minor 1.9.2 2012-09-19T03:24:35Z
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