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#712 tahoe cp copies a source directory's children rather than the directory itself warner defect major 1.4.1 2009-05-23T20:52:08Z
#2329 cp -r stops with an exception warner defect major 1.10.0 2014-11-07T13:56:10Z
#2027 Inconsistent 'tahoe cp' behavior defect normal 1.10.0 2013-07-17T14:45:14Z
#2233 CLI: 'tahoe $SUBCOMMAND --help' no longer shows "global" options warner defect normal 1.10.0 2014-04-24T17:07:49Z
#2235 Error from 'tahoe cp' on Windows, due to a long path (IOError: Errno2 - no such file or dir.) defect normal 1.10.0 2014-04-28T20:36:11Z
#2399 cp -r tries to mkdir the directory more than once warner defect normal 1.10.0 2015-04-06T03:37:23Z
#740 tahoe deep-check should take multiple arguments daira enhancement minor 1.4.1 2009-06-19T20:53:46Z

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#1854 "tahoe cp -r * $DEST" incorrectly flattens subdirs defect normal 1.9.2 2012-11-11T12:15:09Z
#2029 'tahoe cp' gives a bad error message when no file name is specified. enhancement normal 1.10.0 2013-07-17T14:55:19Z
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