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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Reporter Priority Type
#987 Wording fix for docs/running.html usability easy docs reviewed closed davidsarah JeremyVisser minor defect
#645 connecting to sftp frontend using sshfs fails from linux client test sftp reliability sshfs closed azazel azazel major defect
#1050 open with SSH_FXF_TRUNC without SSH_FXF_CREAT violates SFTP spec, but everyone does it anyway sftp standards sshfs closed bj0 bj0 major defect
#933 Install of Tahoe on CentOS 5.4 install centos sqlite docs closed cyrille cyrille major defect
#929 Dirnodes can be created without "tahoe" metadata metadata closed davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#941 SFTP frontend fails when listing a directory containing a mutable file, because it relies on node.get_size() to be an integer reliability performance sftp docs closed davidsarah davidsarah critical defect
#973 Fix warnings found by pylint pylint cleanup reviewed closed davidsarah davidsarah minor defect
#989 improve HTTP/1.1 byterange handling standards http reviewed closed jsgf davidsarah major defect
#1026 upgrade zetuptoolz on supported buildslaves buildbot setuptools closed zooko davidsarah critical defect
#1034 MetadataSetter does not enforce restriction on setting "tahoe" subkeys cleanup reviewed closed davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1037 new SFTP implementation sftp mutable unicode performance closed zooko davidsarah major enhancement
#1063 SFTP: semantics of writing an entry to an immutable file in a writeable directory sftp security usability closed davidsarah major defect
#1066 increase Python version dependency to 2.4.4, to avoid a critical CPython security bug security install reviewed closed somebody davidsarah major defect
#1076 Unicode normalization needs to be applied to filenames in more cases unicode sftp ftpd wui cli usability forward-compatibility reviewed closed zooko davidsarah major defect
#534 CLI (e.g. tahoe cp) does not correctly handle or display Unicode file/directory names, either in arguments or the local filesystem reviewed tahoe-cp unicode filename forward-compatibility gsoc closed nobody francois major defect
#1016 Add dependency on a mocking library test reviewed closed zooko francois minor enhancement
#1028 CLI option --node-url should allow https url reviewed closed davidsarah francois major defect
#1038 new SFTP implementation unicode issues with OpenSSH sftp client unicode sftp closed nobody francois critical defect
#1053 Add 'mock' Python package to the Tahoe dependency repository desert-island install mock closed somebody francois major defect
#1075 NEWS should be updated before 1.7.0 gets released docs reviewed closed zooko francois major task
#968 Typo correction for the munin plugin tahoe_storagespace munin docs closed davidsarah freestorm minor defect
#1027 Changing format of some documentation files docs reviewed easy closed davidsarah freestorm minor enhancement
#1033 *.xhtml and tahoe.css are not copied from web directory on Windows windows xhtml tahoe.css web install closed zooko freestorm major defect
#1062 Renamed Title in xhtml files easy reviewed closed davidsarah freestorm major defect
#859 Running unit tests throws DeprecationWarnings DeprecationWarning twisted news-done closed imhavoc imhavoc minor defect
#1040 SFTP interface not working over sshfs on OS X sftp sshfs mac closed josipl josipl major defect
#911 Create a specification for the servers of happiness behavior docs closed davidsarah kevan major task
#1080 assorted documentation fixes for #778 reviewed closed somebody kevan major defect
#629 'tahoe backup' doesn't tolerate 8-bit filenames tahoe-backup unicode reviewed closed zooko warner major defect
#608 premature abort of upload if some shares were already present and some servers fail upload availability test closed zooko major defect
#730 unify Windows and non-Windows "make quicktest" windows test cleanup closed zooko zooko minor defect
#778 "shares of happiness" is the wrong measure; "servers of happiness" is better preservation availability performance upload servers-of-happiness closed zooko zooko critical defect
#803 python ./ install -- can't create or remove files in install directory setuptools closed zooko zooko major defect
#902 network failure => internal TypeError reliability easy upload closed zooko major defect
#924 stop writing mtime and ctime fields (except for "tahoe backup") backward-compatibility forward-compatibility unix windows tahoe-backup metadata time closed zooko zooko major enhancement
#978 hard to navigate the docs to install, on Debian, with short attention span debian install docs closed warner zooko major defect
#1068 the misc/ directory needs tidying up reviewed closed somebody zooko minor defect

Resolution: invalid (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Reporter Priority Type
#734 Tahoe CLI with unicode patches applied fails when stdout is redirected i18n unicode closed francois francois major defect
#581 time-out of results appears to happen before it is supposed to usability wui closed zooko major defect

Resolution: wontfix (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Reporter Priority Type
#109 current upstream figleaf doesn't do the right thing figleaf closed warner warner minor defect
#387 figleaf confused by python2.5 figleaf coverage testing closed somebody warner minor defect
#810 where did come from? closed warner zooko major defect

Resolution: duplicate (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Reporter Priority Type
#991 avoid caching plaintext in gateway to satisfy range requests security confidentiality webapi sftp ftpd closed davidsarah major defect
#496 remove internal whitespace from pasted-in URIs usability newurls closed warner major defect
#531 SFTP frontend needs tests sftp test closed davidsarah warner major defect
#294 make the option of random-key encryption available through the wui and cli security usability wui tahoe-put tahoe-cp tahoe-backup closed warner zooko major enhancement
#578 I want to check a file using its verify-cap. confidentiality verify usability tahoe-check wui closed zooko major defect
#834 clarify error message when upload fails due to insufficient servers of happiness usability error closed kevan zooko major defect
#880 tahoe deep-check should report where it was when it gave up usability error verify repair closed zooko major defect
#985 tahoe start --help should mention that --basedir defaults to $HOME/.tahoe docs usability easy closed nobody zooko major defect
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