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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Reporter Priority Type
#1355 bug in error path of cross_check_pkg_resources_versus_import regression closed warner warner critical defect
#1395 error doing a check --verify on files bigger than about 1Gbyte memory verify error performance test-needed closed zooko sickness critical defect
#1469 new random introducer port on each start introducer port random regression reviewed closed davidsarah T_X critical defect
#1510 modifying SDMF file fails when tahoe.cfg's k/N differs from file closed Brian Warner <warner@…> warner critical defect
#1526 make sure the new MDMF extension field is forward-compatible and safe forward-compatibility mdmf design-review-needed review-needed closed warner zooko critical defect
#776 users are confused by "tahoe rm" docs usability tahoe-rm tahoe-unlink easy unlink closed davidsarah zooko major defect
#953 test and support the dependency on pycrypto pycrypto-lib test sftp manhole closed terrell zooko major defect
#993 refactor download interfaces to treat immutable files and mutable versions more uniformly cleanup download mutable closed kevan davidsarah major enhancement
#1079 upload of file into dir doesn't appear on Recent Uploads and Downloads upload usability statistics wui easy closed Brian Warner <warner@…> zooko major defect
#1104 the button to unlink a child from a directory should not be labelled "del" easy usability docs unlink closed davidsarah zooko major defect
#1149 scripts/ is not tested tahoe-webopen easy reviewed closed davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1200 package up Brian's New Visualization of immutable download unfinished-business immutable download statistics performance transparency closed nobody zooko major enhancement
#1268 downloader/share: coalesce mutiple Share.loop() calls download performance reviewed closed warner warner major defect
#1274 eliminate pywin32 dependency pywin32 windows win64 install twisted closed warner davidsarah major defect
#1292 'tahoe rm' without a path gives an AssertionError with no explanation error usability tahoe-rm docs easy docs-needed reviewed closed warner davidsarah major defect
#1304 'tahoe cp' copying to a mutable file should replace the contents tahoe-cp usability closed kevan davidsarah major defect
#1345 remove Makefile targets relating to ' check_auto_deps' which no longer exists Makefile closed warner davidsarah major defect
#1363 refactor, use IServer objects instead of rrefs review-needed closed warner warner major task
#1383 foolscap 0.6.1 has no such extra feature 'secure_connections' setuptools foolscap pyOpenSSL closed charlesnw zooko major defect
#1389 tahoe import machinery hides details of import errors error usability packaging setuptools reviewed closed zooko zooko major defect
#1400 format NEWS to restructuredtext? docs closed marlowe zooko major enhancement
#1425 blacklist support blacklist review-needed docs usability news-needed closed warner warner major enhancement
#1429 automatically upload a file when it is put in a given local directory drop-upload inotify usability review-needed news closed warner davidsarah major enhancement
#1435 incompatibility between zope.interface 3.6.3/3.6.4 and Nevow 0.10 zope.interface nevow packaging setuptools closed zooko davidsarah major defect
#1438 update the dependency on Twisted to >= 10.1 reviewed closed zooko davidsarah major defect
#1442 scp fails silently when copying to a Tahoe SFTP frontend; it should fail loudly scp error sftp reviewed closed davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1474 test that classes declared to implement a zope interface actually implement it zope.interface test review-needed closed zooko davidsarah major defect
#1479 Makefile/ cleanups closed somebody warner major task
#1488 CLI: 'bin/tahoe @foo ...' gives misleading error message if trying to run foo raises an exception error cli reviewed closed david-sarah@… davidsarah major defect
#1503 fix check_memory bitrot closed nobody warner major defect
#1505 Error in Latency Report on MDMF Retrieve mdmf latency statistics response-time closed kevan zancas major defect
#1506 mutable-type should imply mutable in tahoe put mutable mdmf tahoe-put usability reviewed closed kevan major defect
#1507 teach tahoe debug how to work with MDMF caps and shares mutable mdmf tahoe-debug closed warner kevan major defect
#1512 zero-length reads break new mutable downloader closed Kevan Carstensen <kevan@…> warner major defect
#1520 Assertions in storage/ provide assurance that the struct library performs correct size transforms code mutable closed nobody zancas major defect
#1521 'no attribute stopProducing' exception in new mutable Retrieve path closed warner major defect
#1540 MDMF: exception in unpack_checkstring being dropped error mdmf review-needed closed davidsarah davidsarah major defect
#1542 release 1.9.0 release closed somebody davidsarah major defect
#1547 the WUI controls for setting the type of an uploaded file are confusing usability wui mutable upload welcome-page review-needed closed warner zooko major defect
#1552 web-API: replace ?mutable-type with ?format={chk,sdmf,mdmf} weapi mutable mdmf forward-compatibility review-needed closed kevan davidsarah major defect
#1556 fix bugs found by 'check-miscaptures' script miscapture regression closed warner davidsarah major defect
#1561 replace --mutable-type with --format in CLI commands closed Brian Warner <warner@…> warner major defect
#627 formatting of NEWS file NEWS docs closed somebody kpreid minor enhancement
#636 Add missing descriptions and synopsis tahoe-mkdir tahoe-list-aliases cli easy docs closed davidsarah azazel minor defect
#1120 simplify Unicode support by assuming that argv and output encodings are the same unicode cleanup closed zooko davidsarah minor defect
#1195 refactor get_disk_stats() and get_available_space() pyutil cleanup closed zooko minor defect
#1227 Conversion of HTML docs to .rst docs closed marlowe p-static minor enhancement
#1344 'make check' should run tests Makefile test reviewed easy closed zooko davidsarah minor defect
#1347 bin/tahoe.pyscript doesn't need to be executable setup install closed warner davidsarah minor defect
#1359 tahoe cp --help gives incorrect placement of [options], and [options] is missing in other synopses tahoe-cp help easy closed davidsarah killyourtv minor defect
#1366 avoid calling req.finish() on closed HTTP connections cleanup closed warner warner minor defect
#1384 use storage/shares/ instead of storage/ to detect available space usability configuration defaults storage reviewed closed zooko zooko minor defect
#1385 stop respecting the pre-v1.3.0 configuration files (improve error message and tests) docs configuration defaults usability news-needed error review-needed closed zooko minor defect
#1388 nicer reporting of unparseable version numbers in deps error usability packaging setuptools foolscap verlib reviewed closed somebody zooko minor defect
#1391 The tahoe_files munin plugins reports an incorrect file count munin tahoe_files reviewed closed francois francois minor defect
#1392 if you have fewer than 1000 measurements, return None (meaning "I don't know") when asked for the 99.9% percentile. reviewed closed arch_o_median arch_o_median minor defect
#1409 remove contrib/fuse fuse closed nejucomo zooko minor enhancement
#1412 Size column in WUI directory listings should be right-justified easy reviewed closed zooko davidsarah minor defect
#1420 adopt man page that bertagaz at wrote debian docs news closed zooko zooko minor enhancement
#1441 '/usr/bin/tahoe debug --help' gives incorrect information about running coverage on the installed Debian/Ubuntu Tahoe debian ubuntu usability test news closed davidsarah davidsarah minor defect
#1446 SFTP: the lines of the shell session error and df output should end in CRLF sftp error closed davidsarah davidsarah minor defect
#1454 remove misc/debian or sync it from Debian packaging debian review-needed closed warner zooko minor defect
#1463 update doc/configuration.rst about the K-of-N tradeoff closed davidsarah zooko minor enhancement
#1527 CLI: make the --mutable-type option value for 'tahoe put' and 'tahoe mkdir' case-insensitive tahoe-put tahoe-mkdir usability closed davidsarah davidsarah minor defect

Resolution: invalid (1 match)

Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Reporter Priority Type
#1428 web-API: rename should use POST, not GET http standards security forward-compatibility backward-compatibility closed davidsarah davidsarah major defect

Resolution: duplicate (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Reporter Priority Type
#695 error message could be more helpful re: CLI rm confused by URL:DIR in at least two cases tahoe-rm error closed davidsarah bhyde major defect
#1186 downloader: avoid redundant Share.loop calls performance closed warner major enhancement
#1509 MDMF filecaps should tolerate extra parameters mdmf mutable forward-compatibility closed warner major defect
#1424 remove misc/debian ? or sync it with the Debian project's version debian closed somebody zooko minor defect
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