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#1017 source repository is broken somebody defect supercritical soon (release n/a) dev-infrastructure
#1654 integrity failure in mutable retrieve (SDMF+MDMF) in 1.9.0 nobody defect supercritical 1.9.1 code-mutable
#2955 Fedora 28 builder is failing exarkun defect supercritical undecided dev-infrastructure
#2956 AppVeyor Windows CI builds are failing exarkun defect supercritical undecided dev-infrastructure
#2957 The deprecations CircleCI job is failing exarkun defect supercritical undecided dev-infrastructure
#2958 Travis pyinstaller integration test job is failing exarkun defect supercritical undecided dev-infrastructure
#2959 The Travis Trusty/Tor integration tests are failing exarkun defect supercritical undecided dev-infrastructure
#2960 The pyflakes lint checks are failing on CI exarkun defect supercritical undecided dev-infrastructure
#2961 The Slackware 14.2 CI job is failing exarkun defect supercritical undecided dev-infrastructure
#2962 The OSX buildbot builder is failing GitHub <noreply@…> defect supercritical undecided dev-infrastructure
#2980 --eliot-destination reservation of "\" for escape is incompatible with typical Windows usage GitHub <noreply@…> defect supercritical undecided code-frontend-cli
#3267 Integration tests fail on CircleCI defect supercritical undecided unknown
#3271 CircleCI image builders with pip older than 9 fail because of setuptools incompatiblity exarkun defect supercritical undecided dev-infrastructure
#3272 Deprecations job on CircleCI fails with I2P-related errors GitHub <noreply@…> defect supercritical undecided dev-infrastructure
#3296 CentOS 7 CI job fails GitHub <noreply@…> defect supercritical undecided unknown
#3297 Deprecations CI job fails GitHub <noreply@…> defect supercritical undecided unknown
#3298 NixOS 19.09 CI job fails GitHub <noreply@…> defect supercritical undecided unknown
#3299 PyPy CI job fails Sajith Sasidharan <sajith@…> defect supercritical undecided unknown
#3781 Python3 reports as incomplete on CLI GitHub <noreply@…> defect supercritical Support Python 3 code-frontend-cli
#22 can't use it behind firewalls -- 'local_ip' file handling is broken somebody defect critical code
#29 web upload uses up lots of RAM zooko defect critical code
#59 measure the performance of fec zooko enhancement critical code
#81 implement URI:LIT encoding for very small files warner defect critical 0.5.0 code
#129 high memory usage during GET for large files and slow links warner defect critical 0.6.0 code-frontend-web
#251 make debian packages of dependencies zooko task critical 1.1.0 packaging
#272 implement mutable-file recovery: update can't recover from <k new shares warner defect critical 1.1.0 code-mutable
#365 added secret to protect convergent encryption from confirmation-of-a-file and learn-partial-information attacks zooko defect critical 1.0.0 code-encoding
#374 reconnecting to one server should trigger reconnection attempts to all defect critical 1.1.0 code-network
#379 very large memory usage when adding to large directories somebody defect critical 1.1.0 code-dirnodes
#382 debian packages aren't installable: need setuptools somebody defect critical 1.1.0 packaging
#402 bug in Twisted, triggered by pyOpenSSL-0.7 zooko defect critical 1.3.0 operational
#426 handle disk-full situations properly warner enhancement critical 1.1.0 code-storage
#439 don't write corrupt >12GiB files warner defect critical 1.1.0 code-encoding
#469 build pycryptopp+zfec debs for hardy zooko task critical 1.3.0 packaging
#506 don't attempt to find trial until twisted is installed somebody defect critical 1.3.0 packaging
#507 our mac buildslave can't build .dmg files robk defect critical 1.3.0 dev-infrastructure
#555 tahoe .deb cannot be installed on hardy: simplejson dependency is too new somebody defect critical 1.3.0 packaging
#705 "tahoe mv" unlinks the target even when it is a directory kevan defect critical 1.5.0 code-frontend-cli
#738 failure in block hash tree bdew defect critical 1.5.0 code-encoding
#778 "shares of happiness" is the wrong measure; "servers of happiness" is better zooko defect critical 1.7.0 code-peerselection
#819 allmydata.test.test_repairer.Verifier.test_corrupt_crypttext_hashtree failed warner defect critical undecided code
#830 review Brian's patches for #607 zooko defect critical 1.6.0 code-dirnodes
#833 reject mutable children when *reading* an immutable dirnode davidsarah defect critical 1.6.0 code-dirnodes
#877 reentrant confusion in mutable publish causes incorrect UCWE defect critical 1.6.0 code-mutable
#889 'tahoe deep-check --repair --add-lease' triggers an exception in the client francois defect critical 1.6.0 code
#919 hitting the "create directory" button in the WUI gives an error nobody defect critical 1.6.0 code-frontend-web
#941 SFTP frontend fails when listing a directory containing a mutable file, because it relies on node.get_size() to be an integer davidsarah defect critical 1.7.0 code-frontend
#948 LiteralFileURI instance has no attribute 'storage_index' bigpig defect critical 1.6.1 code-dirnodes
#1019 is 403 Forbidden somebody defect critical soon (release n/a) website
#1026 upgrade zetuptoolz on supported buildslaves zooko defect critical 1.7.0 dev-infrastructure
#1038 new SFTP implementation unicode issues with OpenSSH sftp client nobody defect critical 1.7.0 code-frontend
#1045 Memory leak during massive file upload (or download) through SFTP frontend zooko defect critical 1.8.1 code
#1118 broken assert in kevan defect critical 1.7.1 code-peerselection
#1154 mplayer triggers two bugs in Tahoe's new downloader warner defect critical 1.8.0 code-network
#1160 viewing web-status of unfinished immutable downloads causes exception warner defect critical 1.8.0 code-network
#1162 immutable download progress on "Recent Uploads/Downloads" hardcoded to 10% defect critical 1.8.0 code-network
#1170 new-downloader performs badly when downloading a lot of data from a file defect critical 1.8.0 code-network
#1212 Repair used default shares.happy kmarkley86 defect critical 1.8.1 code-network
#1253 http proxying can break webapi and leak capabilities (manifests as JSON decoding error in CLI tests) warner defect critical 1.8.1 code-frontend-cli
#1287 tahoe --version or --version-and-path can show the wrong versions or paths davidsarah defect critical 1.8.2 code
#1355 bug in error path of cross_check_pkg_resources_versus_import warner defect critical 1.9.0 code
#1395 error doing a check --verify on files bigger than about 1Gbyte zooko defect critical 1.9.0 code-encoding
#1469 new random introducer port on each start davidsarah defect critical 1.9.0 code
#1510 modifying SDMF file fails when tahoe.cfg's k/N differs from file Brian Warner <warner@…> defect critical 1.9.0 code-mutable
#1525 SFTP: handle download failures correctly; remove use of IFinishableConsumer warner defect critical 1.10.0 code-frontend
#1526 make sure the new MDMF extension field is forward-compatible and safe warner defect critical 1.9.0 code-mutable
#1528 escalation of authority from knowing a storage index to being able to delete corresponding shares davidsarah defect critical 1.8.3 code-storage
#1590 S3 backend: intermittent "We encountered an internal error. Please try again." from S3 secorp defect critical undecided code-storage
#1594 darcs failures due to new SSL certificate somebody defect critical soon (release n/a) dev-infrastructure
#1628 UCWE on deep check with recent version kevan defect critical 1.9.2 code
#1636 Unhandled error in Deferred during retrieve warner defect critical 1.9.2 code-network
#1669 ValueError (need more than 8 values to unpack) during mutable MDMF repair nobody defect critical 1.9.2 code-mutable
#1676 ERROR: AssertionError(), apparently on mutable publish during check/repair (current git) killyourtv defect critical 1.9.2 code-mutable
#1678 S3 backend: either handle or avoid truncated get_bucket responses davidsarah defect critical 1.14.0 code-storage
#1689 assertion failure zooko defect critical 1.9.2 code-mutable
#1721 introducer: WrapV1SubscriberInV2Interface instance has no attribute 'tracker' warner defect critical 1.10.0 code-network
#1732 consider changes to webapi "Move" API before release somebody enhancement critical 1.10.0 code-frontend-web
#1749 bug in mutable publish that could cause an IndexError when a writer is removed in Publish._connection_problem warner defect critical 1.9.2 code-mutable
#1945 WUI regression: Welcome page doesn't display on client-only nodes due to _node_key not being present. warner defect critical 1.10.0 code-frontend-web
#2208 excluded from Debian because of no-source-code-included files warner defect critical 1.10.1 packaging
#2315 tarballs are not uploading correctly zooko defect critical 1.10.1 dev-infrastructure
#2354 new version of setuptools changes semantics of version alternatives warner defect critical 1.10.1 packaging
#2388 "AssertionError: paths must be Unicode strings" when starting a node daira defect critical 1.10.1 code-nodeadmin
#2510 test failures with foolscap-0.9.1 warner defect critical 1.12.0 code
#2762 "UndefinedEnvironmentName" error with setuptools-20.6 defect critical soon (release n/a) packaging
#2806 test_magic_folder fails about 30% daira defect critical 1.12.0 code-frontend-magic-folder
#2907 fix github PR queue task critical soon code
#3227 What will it take to remove Nevow? meejah task critical Support Python 3 code
#3349 latest `cryptography` library breaks tahoe defect critical soon unknown
#3608 txi2p dependency declared wrong GitHub <noreply@…> defect critical 1.15.0 code
#1 launch somebody task major website
#2 clean up encryption key generation somebody defect major component1
#9 make setuptools stow-compatible and Brian-friendly somebody defect major component1
#16 move to Tahoe2 peer selection algorithm warner defect major 0.6.0 code-peerselection
#17 upload needs to be tolerant of lost peers warner defect major 0.9.0 (Allmydata 3.0 final) code-encoding
#20 unit tests take too long warner defect major eventually code
#26 introducer doesn't seem to forget about old peers, or peers don't forget about old peers warner defect major eventually code-network
#34 disk space resource limits on storage servers zooko defect major 0.5.0 code
#35 build process puts wrong filenames in the .pyc files somebody defect major packaging
#45 trac can't search for patch author name somebody defect major eventually dev-infrastructure
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