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#698 corrupted file displayed to user after failure to download followed by retry defect critical 1.5.0 code-network
#769 have buildslaves automatically build debian packages of foolscap, zfec, pycryptopp, pyutil, argparse, zbase32 nobody defect critical eventually packaging
#1308 don't upload debs built from a branch zooko defect critical soon (release n/a) dev-infrastructure
#2892 how can we remove old data from tahoe-lafs nodes permenently defect critical undecided unknown
#38 state machine diagrams, data flow diagrams somebody enhancement major eventually documentation
#104 does cp -r work as expected? warner task major soon code-frontend-cli
#158 command-line: -u not recognized zooko defect major 0.6.1 code-frontend
#159 extra newline in .furl file breaks furls, and the resulting diagnostics are not user friendl zooko defect major 0.6.1 code-nodeadmin
#178 cygwin buildslave is screwed up ? nobody defect major 0.6.1 unknown
#240 shares not uploaded to a server? zooko defect major eventually code
#289 do not use plaintext passwords in the database anymore secorp task major undecided operational
#302 stop permuting peerlist, use SI as offset into ring instead? zooko task major undecided code-peerselection
#319 debugging trac -- is this ticket renderable? defect major eventually code-frontend
#332 K=1 for mutable files warner defect major undecided code-mutable
#338 windows-exe requirement check robk enhancement major eventually packaging
#351 trigger deb builders on darcs tags somebody defect major eventually dev-infrastructure
#398 allow users to disable use of helper: direct uploads might be faster task major undecided code-encoding
#429 zooko defect major eventually dev-infrastructure
#489 reconsider update-write-enabler plan, allows an attack defect major undecided code-mutable
#522 mac buildslave produces builds lacking pycrypto nobody defect major eventually packaging
#581 time-out of results appears to happen before it is supposed to defect major 1.7.0 code-frontend-web
#618 tahoe backup crash during second run defect major undecided code-frontend-cli
#659 rusty dusty server fails on tests arch_o_median defect major eventually code
#665 Accounting task major undecided code-storage
#673 drop package with 2004 ISA FIREWALL nobody defect major eventually unknown
#688 FTP frontend doesn't work when behind NAT (debian) nobody defect major undecided unknown
#734 Tahoe CLI with unicode patches applied fails when stdout is redirected francois defect major 1.7.0 code-frontend-cli
#747 Files uploaded to FTP server never appear zooko defect major undecided code-frontend
#751 deterministic IV for writecaps for dir entries enhancement major 1.5.0 code-dirnodes
#756 if pywin32 has been manually installed, setuptools still doesn't detect it cgalvan defect major undecided packaging
#781 wanted: Windows Packaging Master somebody enhancement major eventually packaging
#785 lenny (onwards) packages should depend on python-pysqlite2 not python-sqlite2 zooko defect major eventually packaging
#806 bogus twisted/ on Ubuntu hardy (from nevow) somebody defect major undecided packaging
#815 Ubuntu Karmic packaging of Python 2.6.4rc1 breaks something in pkg_resources? somebody defect major undecided packaging
#844 Support ETags for immutable files in web front-end enhancement major undecided code-frontend-web
#852 Install problems Red Hat ES 4.0 imhavoc defect major undecided packaging
#853 pycryptopp-related hang of unit tests on platforms using buggy Gnu as 2.20 (e.g. MinGW 5.1.x, Ubuntu Karmic) defect major undecided code-network
#886 docs/codemap.txt is out-of-date somebody defect major undecided documentation
#1005 twistd plugin permissions problem causes users to think that tahoe-lafs unit tests failed somebody defect major soon code
#1013 no binary package of pycryptopp for Debian lenny nejucomo defect major undecided packaging
#1058 DELETE /uri/$DIRCAP/[SUBDIRS../]CHILDNAME to free space defect major undecided code-frontend-web
#1096 Have a dependency on pyutil somebody defect major soon packaging
#1111 PyFilesystem backend zooko enhancement major soon contrib
#1145 conditionalize upload-debs on branch=trunk zooko defect major soon (release n/a) dev-infrastructure
#1188 flog exception with pycrypto 2.3 warner defect major undecided code
#1256 set up pbuilder for Debian/Ubuntu buildslaves somebody enhancement major undecided dev-infrastructure
#1257 the "update-apt" step for pycryptopp buildbots always says that a task is already queued somebody defect major undecided dev-infrastructure
#1270 have a separate build target to download any missing deps but not to compile or install them gdt enhancement major 1.11.0 packaging
#1399 StorageServer.get_stats() calls fileutil.get_disk_stats(). davidsarah defect major code-storage
#1403 "sudo python install" makes requires.txt unreadable except root socrates1024 defect major 1.11.0 packaging
#1418 "cannot convert float NaN to integer" in next_power_of_k, during upload via helper rycee defect major undecided code
#1428 web-API: rename should use POST, not GET davidsarah defect major 1.9.0 code-frontend-web
#1473 zope.interface and pyasn1 dependencies have version 'unknown' somebody defect major undecided packaging
#1493 using another directory than ~/.tahoe generates error nobody defect major undecided code-frontend-cli
#1740 new zope.interface deprecation warning about "implements()" davidsarah defect major 1.9.2 code
#1874 Non-Repudiation Not covered in Integrity Narendiran defect major eventually code-frontend-cli
#1987 cloud backend: for a very large upload, the accounting crawler deletes shares before they are leased daira defect major soon code-storage
#1712 drop-upload: mutable files already in the upload dir should be mutated, not replaced when a local file is changed defect normal undecided code-frontend-magic-folder
#1718 document client.port and introducer.port files davidsarah defect normal undecided documentation
#1790 S3 backend: NotImplementedErrors in logs for lease methods defect normal soon code-storage
#1822 Is data distributed across each server equally or unequally or determined by the user davidsarah defect normal undecided unknown
#1845 Error during simultaneous writes to shared directory davidsarah defect normal undecided unknown
#1863 Work-Around for > ~150MB files on Least Authority TLoS3 davidsarah defect normal undecided unknown
#1940 trac is rendering git diffs (in attachments) badly? defect normal soon dev-infrastructure
#1990 deep-check --repair hangs daira defect normal undecided unknown
#2021 improvements to security/reliability of packaging that are possible without switching from zetuptoolz defect normal 1.11.0 packaging
#2129 "bin/tahoe debug trial" runs installed code somewhere other than modified source files in src/ amiller defect normal 1.12.0 code-frontend-cli
#2232 Inconsistent specification for node-dir daira defect normal undecided code-frontend-cli
#2260 Linux - Video how to - Create Directory daira defect normal undecided unknown
#2272 Make `python ./ trial` output friendlier if there has not been a build. enhancement normal 1.12.0 code
#2288 won't build on windows 7 daira defect normal undecided packaging
#2316 Performance Optimization defect normal undecided unknown
#2452 Magic Folder: scan remote Tahoe upload directory upon local file deletion daira defect normal undecided code-frontend-magic-folder
#2482 backup stopped with "UnrecoverableFileError:" defect normal undecided code
#2530 enum34 is not present in SUMO and dependency tarballs daira defect normal 1.11.0 packaging
#2552 Magic Folder: filter out irrelevant notifications as soon as possible daira enhancement normal undecided code-frontend-magic-folder
#2842 document static-server/introducer-less feature for clients defect normal undecided unknown
#3345 Ported lists of modules is missing a test module itamarst defect normal Support Python 3 unknown
#88 uploading a directory causes a brief dirnode exception warner defect minor eventually code
#122 does github webhook report tags? do they trigger the buildbot? warner defect minor eventually dev-infrastructure
#368 munin pages on .org have broken links to dev pages somebody defect minor undecided website
#494 zfec compilation fixes for Windows zooko defect minor code
#557 Potential XSS vulnerability when using JSON defect minor undecided code-frontend-web
#626 The wapi ought to cope with slashes warner defect minor undecided code-frontend-web
#652 "appname" in version shouldn't change keys of "tahoe --version" somebody defect minor undecided packaging
#702 Installation documentation incomplete for Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 SE. nejucomo defect minor undecided packaging
#716 buildbot dist tahoe windows access somebody enhancement minor undecided dev-infrastructure
#774 pycrypto package is required for manhole somebody defect minor 1.12.0 packaging
#1009 -SUMO package doesn't build on XP warner defect minor 1.11.0 packaging
#1348 generated .deb includes "buildtest/" somebody defect minor undecided packaging
#1421 increase_rlimits() tries to set RLIMIT_CORE high, which grsec disallows somebody enhancement minor undecided code
#1480 [apparently a spam ticket] nobody defect minor unknown
#1481 update docs/frontends/webapi.rst zancas enhancement minor undecided code-frontend-web
#1661 Starting from init.d seems to ignore TAHOEHOME in /etc/default/tahoe-lafs nobody defect minor contrib
#2006 build noise due to setuptools_darcs, which should have been removed defect minor undecided packaging
#2859 introducer client uses cache even if it doesn't have to defect minor 1.12.1 code-network
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