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work-around bug in trac by using full hyperlink (diff)
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A couple more formatting changes in preparation for the front page overhaul (diff)


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Some small formatting changes and tests to prepare for front page overhaul (diff)
23:33 Ticket #1166 (ZeroDivisionError in web/status.py) closed by francois@…
fixed: In f026927f86584870: […]
22:17 Ticket #1184 (Clean up the front page of the project site) created by secorp
See the following two emails from zooko for some ideas on how to clean …
22:12 Ticket #1158 (Create an "about us" wiki page) closed by secorp
fixed: I think the page is pretty good as stands, though we didn't put in …
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fix link to BitCoin? page by using the full URL (there appears to be a … (diff)
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link to bit coin home page (diff)
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adding page for bitcoin donations
03:38 Ticket #1183 (Update the logo for the site to be the new Tahoe-LAFS logo by kpreid) closed by secorp
fixed: I added the logo to the tahoe project under trac on the site and …
03:35 Ticket #1183 (Update the logo for the site to be the new Tahoe-LAFS logo by kpreid) created by secorp
Kevin Reid created a nice new logo for the site and we should use it.


22:00 Ticket #1182 (clean up and improve asymptotic complexity of Spans and DataSpans) created by davidsarah
Asympotic efficiency problems in src/allmydata/util/spans.py


23:52 Ticket #1181 (new-downloader requests too much data, builds up) created by warner
In #1170 comment:43 I describe a problem that …
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link to RSA slides (diff)
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