04:08 Ticket #1762 (publish status says "Retrieve Results") created by davidsarah
This is wrong in src/allmydata/web/publish-status.xhtml.
03:07 Ticket #1761 (Insufficient documentation about how to administer the convergence secret.) created by nejucomo
A user in IRC just asked what the convergence secret was. I explained …


00:38 Ticket #1760 (cloud backend: add design documentation) created by davidsarah
This is mostly already written, in raic.rst, but it should be included …
00:27 Ticket #1759 (cloud backend: debug command to dump a listing of objects in a cloud ...) created by davidsarah
It's possible to use third-party tools such as s3cmd to list the …


05:24 Ticket #1758 (tahoe check on LIT produces KeyError) created by kmarkley86
If I "tahoe check" a path that is actually a DIR-IMM (an empty …


05:44 Ticket #1757 (foolscap internal error on Windows buildslave) created by zooko
04:26 Ticket #1756 (MDMF publisher sends duplicate write vector elements) created by davidsarah
The MDMF publisher (in mutable/layout.py) sends duplicate write vector …


21:42 Ticket #1755 (2-phase commit) created by daira
[fill this in with a description of the 2-phase commit protocol, and …
17:40 Ticket #1754 (--tub-location= option for create-introducer, create-client, and ...) created by zooko
It would be convenient if I could specify the externally-reachable IP …
01:19 Ticket #1753 (build can hang while trying to find dependencies) created by davidsarah
[…] I don't know whether it is significant that it was trying to …


23:34 Ticket #1574 (PyCrypto 2.4 doesn't build with setuptools) closed by davidsarah
fixed: This was fixed in 5af3bfda6190b511 (and is also on the …
23:11 Ticket #1746 (write test for anti-Ubuntu-crash-reporter exception-catching code) reopened by davidsarah
Reopening because it needs a test.
22:38 Ticket #1746 (write test for anti-Ubuntu-crash-reporter exception-catching code) closed by davidsarah
fixed: This is fixed; please open another ticket or tickets for any …
22:02 Ticket #1699 (make '--rterrors' the default for 'python setup.py test' and 'python ...) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In 972bcb1c428810d2: […]
20:56 Ticket #1752 (are we doing more readvs and writevs than necessary for some CLI or ...) created by davidsarah
For example, for a command of the form {{{bin/tahoe put --mutable …
18:34 Ticket #1751 (tahoe --node-directory=foo start/stop seems to ignore foo.) closed by warner
duplicate: Tahoe's command+subcommand parser takes arguments in two places: …
18:11 Ticket #1751 (tahoe --node-directory=foo start/stop seems to ignore foo.) created by nejucomo
For example: […]
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