01:45 Ticket #1852 (test suite: find a way to prevent unclean reactor errors causing ...) created by davidsarah
For example, in the 666-accounting branch, if …


06:53 Ticket #1851 (new immutable file upload protocol: streaming, fewer round-trips, ...) created by zooko
Here is a letter Brian wrote in 2008 about an improved upload …
05:38 Ticket #1850 (Design new caps to be resilient against human transcription errors.) created by nejucomo
One important aspect of this ticket is to define the use cases that …
04:51 Ticket #1849 (report maximum-immutable-share-size correctly in light of filesystem limits) created by zooko
Currently storage servers report their …
00:41 Ticket #1848 (write a static analysis tool to catch places where a Deferred is dropped) created by davidsarah
If a Deferred goes out of scope without being returned (or passed into …


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01:49 Ticket #1847 (Ugly shadowing of Client.DEFAULT_ENCODING_PARAMETERS) created by davidsarah
Client in git/src/allmydata/client.py has a class …


16:44 Ticket #1846 (add "started" timestamp on the current operations on Recent Uploads ...) created by zooko
I see a list of current uploads and downloads, it looks like this: …


22:21 Ticket #1845 (Error during simultaneous writes to shared directory) created by tryb
I have 10 VMs running Tahoe nodes with both client and storage, one is …
19:15 Ticket #1844 (slow download speeds) created by l3iggs
I have 2 storage servers and one client machine. storage-serverA …
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16:37 Ticket #1843 (add `tahoe create-server`, define `create-node` to mean client+server) created by ChosenOne
Just now on IRC there was a discussion about creating a storage node. …
14:10 Ticket #1842 (docs/lease-tradeoffs.svg overlapping text) created by PRabahy
lease expiration time overlaps itself in the docs.
05:06 Ticket #1841 (IRC logs link broken) created by kpreid
I wanted to see logs for #tahoe-lafs IRC. On …


00:15 Changeset in trunk [522e74f] by David-Sarah Hopwood <david-sarah@…>
Update docs/network-and-reliance-topology.svg for RAIC, and to be more …
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