17:23 Ticket #1880 (break up test_storage into more manageable pieces) created by davidsarah
test_storage.py is too big: 4120 lines in trunk, 4275 lines in the …
10:06 WeeklyMeeting edited by zooko
fix typo (diff)


23:10 Ticket #1879 (Glossary document) created by marlowe
It has been stated that the documentation is very difficult for a new …
04:39 WeeklyMeeting edited by zooko
to prepare for this meeting… (diff)
04:07 WeeklyMeeting edited by zooko
meeting about docs! (diff)


22:58 WeeklyMeeting edited by marlowe
17:59 WeeklyMeeting edited by zooko
remove old comment (diff)
02:02 TestGrid edited by davidsarah
new introducer furl (diff)
00:34 Ticket #1878 (tahoe cp -r: add tests for copying cyclic directories) created by davidsarah
Split from #104: Tahoe directory structures can be cyclic; local ones …
00:14 Ticket #1854 ("tahoe cp -r * $DEST" incorrectly flattens subdirs) closed by davidsarah
duplicate: Duplicate of #712.


23:58 Ticket #1481 (update docs/frontends/webapi.rst) closed by davidsarah
invalid: This ticket doesn't seem like it has specific enough goals.


19:41 Ticket #1877 (SFTP: use new eventual utilities from deferredutil) created by davidsarah
The cloud backend + leasedb merge adds several deferred utilities: …
19:20 Ticket #1876 (cloud backend / leasedb: write tests for new deferred utilities) created by davidsarah
The following new utilities in …
18:25 Bibliography edited by zooko
add Haver and Ruud's paper (diff)


22:51 Ticket #1874 (Non-Repudiation Not covered in Integrity) reopened by davidsarah
17:56 WeeklyMeeting edited by zooko
formatting (diff)
17:56 WeeklyMeeting edited by zooko
update (diff)
17:09 Changeset in trunk [06a8b1e] by David-Sarah Hopwood <david-sarah@…>
pkg_resources: better error message on bad spec Include the text of …
15:07 Ticket #1875 (Hanging on dead reference?) created by nejucomo
Symptoms: I left a {{{tahoe backup --verbose $LOCAL_PATH …
07:28 Ticket #1874 (Non-Repudiation Not covered in Integrity) closed by davidsarah
07:00 Ticket #1874 (Non-Repudiation Not covered in Integrity) created by calltodsi
I have been testing the LAFS-Tahoe V1.9.2 package. It is observed that …
01:32 Ticket #1805 (tahoe cp verbose counts from 0 to n-1 of n) closed by davidsarah
01:18 WeeklyMeeting edited by zooko
update agenda for tomorrow (diff)
01:05 Ticket #1790 (S3 backend: NotImplementedErrors in logs for lease methods) closed by davidsarah
invalid: This is specific to the S3 backend and will not happen for the merged …


22:22 Installation edited by davidsarah
note that OS packages may be for an earlier release (diff)
22:02 Ticket #1857 (Add public gateway permalinks to web api) closed by davidsarah
wontfix: thedod closed pull request 20: > After understanding (see …
21:43 Installation edited by zooko
update names of ubuntu packages (diff)
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formatting (diff)
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update debian and ubuntu packages (diff)
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fix all the links! (diff)
18:41 Ticket #1873 (add a show-caps command) created by igor
I wanted a way to get the readcap of a directory created with {{{tahoe …
01:04 Ticket #1872 (provide interface to purge user data) created by gdt
A node operator should be able to discard data from a user, based on …
01:01 Ticket #1871 (provide interface to query lease storage information) created by gdt
As a node operator, I want to be able to know what's going on. The …
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