21:55 Ticket #1968 (always use assertutil for assertions) created by zooko
Debugging #1742, we have the following report from a customer: […] …
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edit (diff)
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remove URL (diff)
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formatting (diff)
16:29 Ticket #1967 (make new WUI work on phone) created by zooko
We looked at the new WUI on our cell phones. Everything was all …
15:54 Ticket #1966 (WUI: new directory page) created by daira
Update the directory page's style to match that of the welcome page.
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add ticket (diff)
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hangout url (diff)
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edit for casualness (diff)
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update countdown (diff)
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fix typo (diff)
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weekly update yay (diff)


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make self-links as relative as possible (diff)


15:15 Ticket #1965 (FTP/SFTP: report malformed cap at login instead of use-time) created by zooko
I was experimenting with the SFTP server and I accidentally pasted a …
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23:59 Ticket #1964 (convert trac repos from darcs to git) created by warner
This Trac instance was first created for the tahoe darcs repository, …


21:41 Ticket #1963 (replace nevow with twisted.web.template) created by zooko
Users still occasionally have problems with the nevow dependency: …
16:41 Ticket #1962 (the download visualization is hard to discover) closed by zooko
duplicate: dup of #1375
16:40 Ticket #1375 (the performance stats for each upload or download are undiscoverable) reopened by zooko
Okay, it turns out that this was not fixed. This patch made the Recent …
16:36 Ticket #1962 (the download visualization is hard to discover) created by zooko
Oleksandr on IRC looked for the download visualization page on my …
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05:00 ArchLinuxArmInstallation created by igor
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01:01 Ticket #667 (KeyError in mutable download) closed by daira
cannot reproduce


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name change (diff)
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today's meeting (diff)
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02:09 Changeset in trunk [2b6975d3] by Brian Warner <warner@…>
minor changes to hush newer pyflakes apparently it can now detect …
00:26 Ticket #1961 (WUI: accessibility problem with node status in new Welcome page) created by daira
On 02/05/13 00:16, Greg Troxel wrote: > The up/down-ness of nodes is …
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