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A year and a half is long enough to not be recent anymore. (diff)


07:18 Ticket #2279 (attempt to restore, local file doesn't exist) created by jgillisp
some data needed to be removed to protect privacy, replaced with x …


16:45 Ticket #2278 (make our custom BuildSteps be new-style) created by zooko
16:43 Ticket #592 (buildbot->IRC bot) reopened by zooko
The bot seems to have stopped working at some point. Let's turn it on …
16:41 Ticket #2277 (upgrade buildbot to 0.8.9) created by zooko
Looks like some good bugfixes and features: …
02:29 Ticket #2276 (restore from root folder fails on Archive subfolder) created by jgillisp
[…] Error chain omitted. The : character is not allowed in Windows …


22:30 Ticket #2275 (400 Bad Request on 0 empty path components) created by jgillisp
[…] I do not have any empty path components, as the error message …
22:06 Ticket #2274 (possible error with cp and spaces in directory names) created by jgillisp
[…] among the listed files were Newspapers.xls and Label1.doc …


22:35 Ticket #2273 (formatting error (extra whitespace) in usage string) created by zooko
This unit test fails, because the "usage" string in tahoe backup
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