[tahoe-dev] [Duplicity-talk] Tahoe backend for duplicity

Francois Deppierraz francois at ctrlaltdel.ch
Mon Nov 24 03:15:23 PST 2008

Hi Folks,

Following on the "BackupDB proposal" [1] thread on tahoe-dev
mailing-list, here is a quick and dirty patch adding tahoe [2] support
to the duplicity backup tool [3].

This feature brings a fully distributed and fault-tolerant backend store
to duplicity. Usage of GPG encryption is not necessary with this backend
because everything is already encrypted by tahoe.

The patch is quite small (<100 lines) and makes heavy use of tahoe CLI.
 It has the advantage of being largely independent from tahoe codebase.

== Quickstart ==

1. Install duplicity version 0.5.03 with attached patch applied

  tar xzfv duplicity-0.5.03.tar.gz
  cd duplicity-0.5.03
  patch -p1 < ../duplicity-0.5.03-tahoe_support.patch
  python setup.py install

2. Install tahoe version 1.2.0 (or greater)
2. Setup a tahoe CLI client, see [2]
3. Create a new directory for your backup

  tahoe add-alias mybackup $(tahoe mkdir)

4. Backup your files

  duplicity --no-encryption /home/me tahoe:///mybackup/

5. Restore your files

  duplicity --no-encryption tahoe:///mybackup/ /tmp/recovery

== Open questions ==

I don't really know if performances of such a backend interacting
directly with the web-API could be much better ?

What is the correct way to get such feature integrated upstream in
duplicity ?

Feedback is wholeheartedly welcome !


P.S. This message is cross-posted on tahoe-dev and duplicity-talk.

[1] http://allmydata.org/pipermail/tahoe-dev/2008-September/000814.html
[2] http://allmydata.org/
[3] http://duplicity.nongnu.org/
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