[tahoe-dev] Building a more resistant introducer

Francois Deppierraz francois at ctrlaltdel.ch
Thu Dec 10 12:45:15 PST 2009

Hi folks,

The current VolunteerGrid introducer has been down a little while now.
So, we decided to setup a new introducer which is less likely to
disappear this time because it can be relocated to another server if

The idea is to create a new introducer furl like that:


where the DNS records all point to the same server.

The private key of this introducer will be kept by Zooko and myself for
new.  I'm wondering about the security implications of publishing it to
the world.  That would allow someone else to take over the introducer
duty if the current one disappear.

There's two requirements to take over the introducer:

  - Ability to modify the DNS records in the order they're listed in
    the furl.

  - Access to the private key.

As soon as everything is set up, I'll post the details on the wiki and
the volunteergrid-l mailing-list.  We still need a third person willing
to provide a DNS record and the duty of keeping it up to date in case
the introducer has to move.


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